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Do you Gigglers use Pinterest? I’ve been using it for a couple months now and I love checking in on the pins to get inspiration on everything from DIYs for interiors and style or just to gaze at the pretty pictures! I’ve collected a few of my recent favorites for your viewing pleasure. You can follow my personal Pin boards here.

The melted crayon art above I found on Pinterest (done by Meg Duerksen) and then posted on Mr. Kate with the how-to. Some people in turn got inspired and sent me photos of their own interpretations of molten crayon art (see some here).

Okay, this is too cute! What a fun idea for party food!

Dollar Store pearls and a hanging basket made into a pretty chandelier. DIY steps here.

Lovely idea for a family portrait or wedding photo.

Just plain gorgeous. This is a high-speed photograph of ink mixing in water.

A sandwich diagram.

Pressed tin applied to a dishwasher brings a whole new dimension to the coveted ‘stainless steel’ look.

I love the look of this chalkboard table runner – rustic, inviting and informative!

I want to do this so bad! I would run around barefoot all the time if my feet were this decorative. Nice callus camouflage too!

What photos/ideas inspire you? Link to them in the comments please, I’d love to see!

Photos via:,,,,, thesteampunkhome,, pink-bones.tumblr, meg duerksen

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