Teenage Wasteland

Influential People For Teens to Look Up To

I’m almost 14. As much as I was hoping my social life as a 14-year-old was going to improve, I don’t think that’s going to be the case. I’m still going to go to school knowing that my classmates aren’t making anything of their teenage years (other than getting high and having underage sex). The SUPER fun thing about 8th grade is that being a year older increases the amount of classmates that are pressured into doing stupid things and decreases the amount of respect coming from me.

Where are the pressures of doing stupid things coming from? There are many contributing factors to this: the stupid peer pressures, the stupid popularity, the stupid media. I’m completely obsessed with the media because I’m a mainstream teenage girl, but sometimes it really pisses me off.

Why is the song “The Motto” by Drake the most well known song among teenagers right now? It includes lyrics that say “Almost drowned in her pu**y so I swam to her butt.” That’s quite subtle. I’m not going to go on some huge rant about how inappropriate this song is, because it’s not really my place. I’m 13, that song isn’t meant for me. Or is it? You’d think that a song that contains such explicit lyrics would be meant for an adult, but the singers/rappers of songs like this aren’t targeting adults. They’re targeting teenagers. When teenagers are listening to songs that talk about smoking, “pimping hoes”, and other things that are meant for adults, teenagers aren’t getting the right idea about what’s cool and what’s not.

These performers are role models to us. When role models are giving off the impression that doing stupid things like doing drugs and having sex is going to win the approval of your friends, its definitely not going to inspire teenagers to do good things. Here I have created a list of better role models for teenagers.

Instead of Lil Wayne, Michael Phelps!

Lil Wayne is definitely not a good role model, especially for teen boys. He raps about beating women, and even compares himself to Hitler in a song. That’s classy. Who does that? Michael Phelps, on the other hand, has worked and trained his entire life to achieve his goal, and he has. 22 Olympic medals!!

Instead of Rihanna, Tina Fey!

I will admit, I love songs by Rihanna. They’re catchy. When I look deeper into the lyrics, though, I notice that they’re usually about sex, or… sex. There are a lot of Rihanna songs about sex. Rihanna is very well known to tweens/teens, so why are we listening to songs about how “chains and whips excite me”? Tina Fey is so inspirational: she was the third woman to win the Mark Twain Prize for Humor, she was one of the first head writers of SNL, she writes, produces and stars in 30 Rock and is showing America that women can be just as funny as men.

Instead of Lindsay Lohan, Molly, Sophia and Zooey!

Lindsay Lohan has had an amazing career. She stared in some of my favorite movies, like Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, and The Parent Trap. The stress of having such a huge career got to her though, because everyone knows that now she’s been in jail and rehab tons of times, and even recently failed to pay a $46,000 bill at a restaurant. Out of anyone, I probably look up to Molly, Sophia and Zooey the most. They started this amazing site HelloGiggles, are hilarious and have all accomplished so much!!

Do you know any good role models for teens? Leave me a comment below, or talk to me on my Twitter or Tumblr! Thanks for reading!