Inappropriate Crushes I Should Never Admit To

When I was in high school, my crushes made sense. Basically, I always had something for older men who were in a position of power and thus unattainable to me. (Daddy issues, you say? Get off my back.) For example: my high school history teacher Mr Manderville. With his kind eyes and passion for teaching, I challenge anyone, of any age, gender or sexual orientation to sit through one of Mr Manderville’s history classes and NOT have little cartoon hearts appear where their eyes should be. He was a total fox. I’m sure he still is, for that matter. He’s a high school principal now…I mean, be still my heart!

There was also the student teacher I had in grade 12 English, Mr Thompson. This was around the time that email just started to become a “thing”, so I used to find excuses to email him about “school work”, usually asking questions I already knew the answers to. I would re-read his responses over and over as I’d concoct elaborate fantasies about him walking into the English room before class, finding me there and then magically, 98 Degrees’ “Baby When the Lights Go Out” would start to play as we would run towards each other and embrace before falling onto the desks kissing. (It never went further than kissing; my high school crushes were PG at best.) (Also, did I just spend well over an hour Googling Mr Thompson? Well that’s not important.)

But here’s the thing: as I’ve gotten older, my clean-cut “appropriate” crushes have given way to something else. In fact, I’ve recently realized that the crushes in my adult life are actually completely inappropriate. “How bad could they be?” You may ask. Well… let’s just say, I think a therapist would have a heyday with these.

INAPPROPRIATE CRUSH #1: A Dark Knight’s: “The Joker”

Image via batman.wikia

Not Heath Ledger. Heath Ledger’s Joker. The character. It’s visceral for me and ultimately speaks to my intense and unhealthy love of bad boys. People ask, “Why don’t you have a crush on Batman?” The answer is that Batman won’t kill for me. The Joker? He’d cut a dude for looking at me sideways. Ultimately, I’m sure I’d get sick of his demanding crime schedule and lack of a real home. But there would be 2 weeks of magic between us. I know it.

Let’s break this weirdo crush down:

He’s resourceful. He doesn’t care about money and doesn’t have to. He can steal whatever he needs. Including a giant Tiffany ring for me. Sure it may be off of the hand of a dead debutante, but hey, I’m not complaining! Technically, all diamonds have some kind of metaphorical blood on them, this one would just have literal blood on it too.

He has cool fashion sense. This guy would never be caught DEAD in sweats. Think about it. He puts on 3 piece suits to do groceries! And those gloves?! Hello EVIL MR DARCY!

I just KNOW he’d be different with me. Think about it. I honestly believe that there is NO BETTER FEELING IN THE WORLD then being with someone who is a total badass in life but then comes home to watch Bridezillas reruns and cuddle on the couch with you.

The root of this crush is that I just want to feel like someone’s most important person. Probably relates to growing up without a father figure. There is honestly nothing I would rather hear from a dude than “you’re my favourite person”. The only better thing would be having that comment followed up with “why so serious?”

INAPPROPRIATE CRUSH #2: Skateboarding High School Boys

Image via shutterstock

They cripple me. Totally my kryptonite. Look, I’m not saying that those female teachers who seduce young male students are in the right. I’m in no way DEFENDING their actions or saying I WOULD EVER do the same…but I AM saying…I get it. I get those women. As twisted as it sounds, I understand the attraction. It’s probably for the best I don’t “work with teens”.

Let’s take a look at this:

They remind me of my youth.

Any time I see a high school boy on a skateboard it’s like I’m immediately burning through time in a Delorean back to 1997 when I was 14 and entering high school. I mean, literally entering my high school for the first time to find older boys skateboarding in the hallways. THEY WERE TOTAL BADASSES. And seeing them break the rules made me feel funny “down there” in a way I hadn’t experienced before. Why would they break the rules so blatantly? And could those pants hang any lower? SWOON! Man, I wish I could be 14 again sometimes. At least then I wouldn’t have to feel ashamed for considering barely legal boys to be eye candy.

They know all the cool places to hang out.

From the back alley half pipes to the punk rock band rehearsals in their buddy’s basement, these guys know about more cool hangouts than the Zagat’s guide.

I never got the chance to test the waters.

I had 2 boyfriends in high school. But they weren’t skater dudes. I remember one of the older boys I LOVED said hi to me once and my bowels almost immediately and completely released on the spot. I had to run away. He started dating a girl shortly after that…and they’re married now…with children. Don’t worry, it’s not like I’ve photoshopped pics of he and I together to see what our wedding would have looked like. Not at ALL.


This crush is just me wanting to avenge rejected, teenaged Lauren. It’s like I want to prove I could get the boys now that I couldn’t get back then. And again, I have to re-iterate, I would NEVER ACT ON THIS CRUSH. Unless it was for an as-of-yet unnamed screenplay that’s a reverse Lolita, starring me and Taylor Lautner. I TOTALLY don’t have that manuscript in my purse right now. Not at ALL.

INAPPROPRIATE CRUSH #3: A homeless man in Hollywood

Image via shutterstock

I briefly lived in LA in 2011 and let me tell you, in California, even the homeless people are attractive. This one time a homeless guy approached me and asked for change; I said, “I don’t have any money” and he replied, “Looks like we have something in common. Soulmates?” This got my attention. I looked at him and was surprised to see that was in his early 30s and actually pretty cute. I started to blush and giggle and then did the DEAD GIVEAWAY “brush my hair behind my ear coyly” move. At this moment, a car horn blared bringing me back to reality. I quickly remembered that we were in front of a Ralph’s grocery store on Santa Monica in the dodgy part of Hollywood and I was only going to the Ralph’s to kill time because I had driven to Pinkberry for froyo and they weren’t open yet. (FYI: there’s really nothing like getting turned down from a fast food yogurt joint because “we open in 20 minutes, ma’am.” to make you re-evaluate your addiction to chilled dairy treats as well as your “sitting around in LA burning through cash” career choices.)

Let’s look at this thang:

He’d always want to hang out. Mainly because I have things like “shelter” and “access to Doritos on the regular”. Ummm… There’s really not many other ways to justify this one.


Frankly, a homeless dude would be a nightmare to date. I’d always have to pay for everything, he probably wouldn’t have a phone so I could never reach him, I’d never know where he was or who he was with, he’d probably give a blowjob for a shower. This was a bad move. Still, in that moment in Hollywood I had a moment where I wondered if he was an actor incognito researching a role. Still, too risky to take the chance. That and the whole “he could give me lice” thing.

INAPPROPRIATE CRUSH # 4: My punk rock hairdresser

Image via shutterstock

I’ve always been leery of male hairdressers. I feel like much like gynecologists, they couldn’t possibly be as good as a woman at that job. However, I was referred to a male hairdresser who was apparently amazing. I entered his salon and set eyes on a beefy, tattooed ADONIS with long hair and a total hippie beard. It was the best hair cut I’ve ever got but I’d be lying if I said that’s the reason I still go to him. The truth is, I just really like feeling his big man hands running through my hair. (Did I mention that I’m single?) One time I saw him in the middle of a street at night screaming “WHERE THE F*CK’S THE COCAINE?!” My crush only deepened.

Alright, here’s the deal:

He’s masculine but loves hair.

Is there anything better? Like a total beefy DUDE who would REQUEST to play with your hair?! HEAVEN. “Hey babe, after I finish watching the game is it cool if I French braid your hair?” I WOULD DIE!

He’s an artist who also makes killer cash.

He’s basically the white whale. Think about it, this guy has a real artistic talent and gets paid 100 bucks a haircut. More than can be said for that struggling improviser I dated who made $7000.00 a year. It’s hard to understand how he even fed himself. He did take me on a picnic once only he didn’t have a blanket so he brought a fitted bed sheet. It was really hard to sit on. That should have been a sign to get out.


I’m basically paying $100 to have a man play with my hair. Does this make me a quasi female John and he my bizarro male escort? Maybe. But ultimately my jealousy issues would make this an impossible man to be in a relationship with. He’d always smell like women’s products and his schedule tends to lend itself to hanging out with countless other women every day. Oh, and the cocaine thing is probably not realistically a selling factor on a person.

INAPPROPRIATE CRUSH #5: Troy Dyer – Ethan Hawke’s character in Reality Bites.

Image via Tumblr

Sure, he looked slightly like a greasy weasel. But hey, I find the Joker sexy so really a greasy weasel doesn’t seem so out of the ordinary for me.

Let’s be honest:

He looked hot when he was singing.

This makes up for about 85% of all crushes women have. Period. Full stop. Why do you think women still throw their bras at Mick Jagger?

His song lyrics are deep.

Remember when “Hey, That’s My Bike” played that show right after Troy and Lelaina slept together? He sang that song that went:

Got a pothead mama got a cokehead dad

I’m the ultra modern version of the American man

Don’t feel good but don’t feel bad

Cause you see me, I’m nuthin.

OH MAN!  SOOOOOOO BROODY! He was so TORTURED! It just makes me want to SAVE HIM FROM HIMSELF! (NOTE: “saving” any man from “himself” is a “dumb” “idea” that I have to “stop” “trying”.)


He represents the mistakes I make with men in real life.

In the past couple of years I have had a real ability for attracting men without real drive. The brooding artistic types like Troy who make up for their lack of money with their ability to maintain a philosophical conversation about Pizza Hut. But let me tell you from experience, once Lelaina gained an OUNCE of success, Troy would freak out because it would make him feel insecure and he’d sabotage the relationship by sleeping with someone else or shutting down emotionally and pushing her away. These are NOT DUDES YOU WANT TO DATE LADIES. But they are certainly dudes you need to have fantasies about.


Hey, crushes are crushes. And they’re never something to be ashamed of. Sometimes they may not make sense and other times, they make complete sense. The bottom line is, it’s okay to be attracted to a mentally-ill, convicted sex offender named Travis you saw on an episode of “Our America”, as long as you know you could never act on a crush like that in real life. P.S.- He was really cute.

Travis…who, for the record, was apparently innocent…

Featured image via beginningandend

  • Hilary June

    My crushes from my “younger” years are kind of still shocking to me. As a 14 year old OBSESSED with Chris Meloni from SVU … like … what? What did I think would happen? It wasn’t even physical stuff, not the sexual type of crushes I have now (Gilbert Blythe, anyone?) it was just utter infatuation that made no sense. Thank you for writing this.

    • Gabrielle Segalla


  • Paula Gonzalez

    Oh, God, Troy Dyer. I’ve been ready for him my whole life. So sad he’s just a fictional character. I guess no man is perfect…

  • Shannon Robinson

    Oh man – Reality Bites was on two days ago! I remember spending most of the movie thinking “God, what a DICK!…. HE’S SO HOT! I LOVE HIM!” He’s just so gorgeous. Dammit!

  • Shayda Soleiman

    so funny!! mine are probably Sweeney Todd and Tony Soprano -_-

  • Lauren Scharf

    I think about this all the time. Like, why do I have a thing for Gene Wilder circa Blazing Saddles, and why do I prefer J. Depp as Captain Sparrow as opposed to, I don’t know, when he plays a regular human being?

    Also, side note, I used to live in Chicago and I remember you from the 1st few Second City shows I saw. You’re hilarious!

    • Lauren Elizabeth Ash

      Thanks Lauren! I love it! And I totally get the Johnny Depp thing…sometimes the dirt just realllly does it for me too….

    • Hilary June

      Pirate is the only way I like Johnny Depp

  • Becky Gilbert

    Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet! Yum yum

  • Alexandra Longo

    It’s sick that I know this, but “Baby When the Lights Go Out” is actually performed by 5ive, not 98 degrees.

    • Lauren Elizabeth Ash

      Shit! Alexandra you’re right! Clearly, in my dreams, it was Nick Lachey singing that song.

    • Megan Johndreau

      i was just about to say the same thing! high five for 90s boy band knowledge!

  • Gaby Montaño

    The gorgeous mass-murderer that is Klaus from The Vampire Diaries. It’s sick because he’s been killing like half of the town but he looks damn hot when he does. Plus, he kills for the ones he loves aw

    • Sarah Rhea Reveles

      I love him and Damon for their bad boy killer ways. Damon has sop

      • Sarah Rhea Reveles

        Computer posted before I could finish…Damon has softened over the seasons but I still love him!

  • Hans Johan Svensson

    I can relate to this.

    There is also this thing called childhood – if you have a fairly normal one – where you are supposed to make some of your worst misstakes in safe surroundings, with your parents and other adults looking over your shoulder.
    You will not be “hacking their heads off” if you understand their advice and if they treat you with love and respect – with violance abcent from the way that they think. If not, then you can at least hope that your childhood was better that theirs.

  • Gina Vaynshteyn

    this is so spot-on! my inappropriate crush has to be Rumplstiltskin from Once Upon a Time. Totally weird, I know. It’s the Scottish accent, I think.

  • Michelle McGuire

    I get inappropriate crushes on almost every bad guy, murderer, and villain in about every movie I watch. Something about someone who does bad things, they must have a good side, right? What in God’s name is wrong with me?

  • Laura Allen

    Crispin Glover… always. My sister thinks I’m such a freak but I don’t care. He is so hot.

  • Nancy Walsh

    Made me laugh so hard! I love the part about the homeless men in Holywood. Thanks for writing this!

  • Sly Hg Tly TyghTy

    I feel like i just fell next to the highway from the female version of being John Malkovich… I need a shower

  • Birgit Mühl

    Connect with Facebook to post a comment

  • Yaya Castillo

    Christian Bale in American Psycho anyone?
    Daniel Day Lewis as The Butcher tops that, though.

    I think I just came to terms with my attraction to murdering madmen. Hm.

  • Julia Hays

    Yes! Love this! Glad to know I’m not alone on this!

  • Leticiaà Legat

    LOVE this post! hahaha I also have a thing for dirty/messy/bearded/lost looking guys…

    Guess my most weird crushes are Bane from the Dark Knight Rises and the Bear Jew from Inglorious Basterds <3 hahahahaha

    • Lauren Elizabeth Ash

      Bear Jew! Great one! I’m obsessed with Eli Roth! I saw him in a restaurant and blushed and ran the other way! TOO HANDSOME!

  • Leticiaà Legat

    HAHAHA Just saw the comment about our version of being John Malkovich. Too awesome! hahaha

  • Leticiaà Legat

    HAHAHAHAHA Just saw the comment on our version of being John Malkovitch. Too awesome.

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