In the Red

Okay, I can’t help but fall into the “Hallmark Holiday”, Valentine’s Day! It’s not just that during this time of year, Target sells they cutest bathmats and mugs with hearts! Nor is it that I get to help my 4-year-old daughter write sweet valentines to her classmates and read what they wrote to her.

It’s that silly thing called love! It’s had most of us under a spell at one time or another. People have died for it, killed for it, cried over it, wrote about it, sang about it, shouted it, sculpted it, painted it, hid it and professed it. Personally, I love the aesthetics of the holiday – and I especially love red lips!

There are a few ways to go about a red lip. There’s the natural lip-stained red for the girl who wants to tease or flirt. “What are my lips blushing? Do you want to kiss me?” (spoken in a powder soft voice) Or the perfect flawless matte red, the kind you would see on the Vargas girl painted on a World War ll fighter plane. It’s for the girl who’s at a party or out dancing and only wants to be wanted! (In a deeper, more direct voice) “ Ya want some slim? Well you’re too late!”

Here are a few of my favorite shades of reds and how to achieve a perfect red lip:

The Kissable Red

This is good when you want the natural, softer side of red because you are going to a dinner, or when you want your Valentine to find you desirable for a make-out! Use Covergirl’s Outlast lip stain in SCARLET PUCKER. Before applying, make sure your lips are clean and dry. After application, follow up with your favorite lip moisturizer or chap stick I also love Laura Mercier lip stain in DEEP RED. Apply on a clean, dry lip; no is moisturizer needed to follow this one.

The Bold Red Lip

I love the matte finish of MAC cosmetics Ruby Woo! paired with MAC’s pencil in Cherry. To apply the bold red lip: Start by brushing your teeth… and lightly brush your lips while you’re at it! Follow up with a light lip moisturizer. If you are planning on wearing a foundation, apply it first. You can apply the foundation lightly on your lips as well to give them a primer. Dust a light powder on your face and very lightly on your lips as well. Before you apply your liner and lip color, blot with a tissue. Line your lips with MAC cosmetics pencil in Cherry, then fill in the rest with your MAC Ruby Woo matte lipstick. Blot any excess off with a tissue.

To avoid lipstick on your teeth: Clean off the inside of your mouth by sticking your finger in your mouth and puckering your lips around your it. As you pull your finger out, your finger should have caught the extra lipstick that could have given you the red tooth vampire look.

The Sexy, Glossy Red Lip I Love Dior’s Addict Ultra Gloss in Little Red Dress 856 paired with Estee Lauder’s Double Wear lip pencil in 07 RED . Follow the same instructions as above, the only additional step is to fill your lined lips with the lip liner. This will help the lip gloss to stay put and give you a deeper color. I also like this Dior gloss worn without liner, lightly applied. Pretty!! Happy Red Lip Day! Meow Meow!


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