In Love With Love: The Top 30 Greatest Love Songs Of All Time

Well Gigglers, the time has finally come where I am lucky enough to combine two of my favorite things in this life- music and love. I seriously love, love. To be clear, I am terrible with love; actually have no idea what I am doing, am slightly put-off by the idea of having to go on an actual date and have been fairly unlucky in the entire department. However, that is neither here nor there because I still just love the idea of it all. As far as music goes, if this isn’t the first time we’ve had the pleasure to meet, you know by now that I pretty much figure life out one lyrical lesson at a time. All of this leads to the point that today, I get to discuss the Top 30 greatest love songs of all time with all you! Except greatest love songs of ALL TIME turned out to be a lot of pressure so it’s more like my most favorite songs about love. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, right? With soul, pop-rock, country, classic and a few nods to the tween heartthrobs of yesterday and today, there is a little something for everyone. So, without further ado, I present to you, my 30 favorite love songs of all time!

30. ‘Love Story‘ by Taylor Swift Love her or hate her, Taylor is the reigning princess of the love song so it would be foolish of me not to throw her a mention. With this, one of her first hits, she puts into words what each of us started out thinking love was- a fairytale.

29. ‘U Smile‘ by Justin Bieber Allow me to continue on with the teeny-boppers of today’s generation. Trust me, the list isn’t filled with them (so don’t stop reading), it just happens that they bring up the rear in the ranking; they are still learning about love, after all. At any rate, the Biebs actually gets a little soulful in this song and it reminds us that when we smile, he smiles. He’s all in.

28. ‘All My Life‘ by K-Ci and JoJo There wasn’t a single couple in love in 1998 who didn’t claim this hit as “their song.” If you weren’t in love, you played this on a Friday night with your girlfriends talking about your biggest crush. It’s just that simple and the sentiment lives on.

27. ‘If It’s Love‘ by Train When you think of love songs your mind may not go directly to Train. Alternative, slightly grungy, 90’s pop rock? Yes, but love may be a stretch. However, it turns out Pat Monahan loves love too, so give this one a listen. He’s totally right; “If it’s love, and we’re two birds of a feather, then the rest is just whatever.”

26. ‘You Give Me Something‘ by James Morrison Love is a little scary, right? Sometimes, we don’t all feel we were cut out for it and James seriously understands that. With this gem, he shows us just how good it can be when we get over our fear and his voice makes you want to believe anything he sings.

25. ‘All For Love‘ by Color Me Badd Seriously, they want you to know they do it ALL FOR LOVE. That makes the band and this song a shoe-in for the list. I may be biased here considering this was the song to which I debuted my dance and cheer skills at pee-wee camp (I am certain there is a video somewhere) but there is no way anyone can play this song and not bust a little move in honor of love. Plus, they’ll call you every night and bring you flowers too.

24. ‘This Year’s Love‘ by David Grey I imagine heaven to be a place where they play David Grey on repeat. I am in love with whoever is in the room from his first word to his last on this track. Play with caution.

23. ‘You Had Me From Hello‘ by Kenny Chesney Our main man Kenny has sung some sweet lyrics over the years but ‘You Had Me From Hello’ takes the love cake. This classic country song perfectly puts into words the beauty of love at first sight.

22. ‘I’ll Never Break Your Heart‘ by The Backstreet Boys A band whose fame and fortune was based solely on their ability to get tween girls to fall madly in love with them deserved to have at least one song on the list. With plenty of options to choose from, ‘I’ll Never Break Your Heart’ won out because, at the end of the day, it’s what every girl really wants to hear.

21. ‘This I Promise You‘ by N’Sync In an effort to not play favorites, the two smoothest, love-song-singing boy bands of my generation are one right after the other. The boys of N’Sync won just as many hearts as their aforementioned counterparts and when they sang ‘This I Promise You’ and girls everywhere believed. You know you had the poster. You know you begged to go to the concert. You know one of them was your first love and at least once a year you listen to one of their songs again. It’s okay to admit it. You’re not alone.

20. ‘Then‘ by Brad Paisley Those country boys know a thing or two about love, and with an arsenal that includes songs like ‘She’s Everything’ and ‘Little Moments’, Brad Paisley is one of the masters. He truly seals the deal with “Then”, proving that true love just keeps getting better, even when we think it’s at its best.

19. ‘Love Me Tender‘ by Norah Jones  Originally sung by Elvis Presley, Norah Jones sweetly represents old school love, The Notebook type love, which may be the rarest kind. ‘Love Me Tender’ takes you back to a time where you might be sitting on a porch swing with your one and only, feeling like you are the only two people in the whole world.

18. ‘You Are The Best Thing‘ by Ray LaMontagne When Ray LaMontagne sings, you listen and when he sings about love you fall hard. Don’t we all just want to be the best thing that ever happened to someone? I certainly do after listening to Mr. LaMontagne sing about it.

17. ‘She’s My Kind of Rain‘ by Tim McGraw and The Dancehall Doctors Only a country song can make you want for someone who will tell you that you are their kind of rain. ‘She’s My Kind of Rain’ explains love in the most magical way and Tim McGraw is the cowboy we would all only hope would describe us in these ways.

16, ‘It’s Your Love‘ by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Continuing on with the country love, Faith and Tim are the most iconic duo in country music, one of the greatest celebrity love stories. ‘It’s Your Love’ is, quite possibly, the greatest country love song of all time. “If you wonder, about the spell I’m under, it’s your love.” Boom. Game Over.

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