Valuable Life Lessons We Learned From '80s and '90s TV

For those of us who were kids in the ’80s and ’90s, some of the most significant life lessons came from the TV families who helped raise us. We knew them better than we knew our own families. Sure, watching so much TV might have rotted our brains a little, but it also provided us with the substantial life lessons we needed to survive our childhood.

Here are some valuable life lessons we learned from our favorite TV shows when we were kids:

Full House

Letting your older sister’s weird best friend pierce your ears without your parent’s permission is a really bad idea. There’s absolutely zero chance of them not getting infected. Then you’ll have to cover them up with two Princess Leia buns until you just can’t keep it a secret any longer, and you have to come clean to your dad so he can take you to the doctor and hug you.

Saved By The Bell

If you need help keeping up with your schoolwork and your singing group, don’t take caffeine pills. You will have a mental breakdown and let all your friends down. Then your friend will have to physically restrain you until you realize you don’t need pills to help you succeed. Ultimately, it’ll bring you guys closer together, but still, pills are bad.

Punky Brewster

When all your friends and foster dad agree to help you build a super awesome tree house, but then bail on you because building a tree house is hard work, use reverse psychology to make them think building a tree house is actually really fun. They’ll help you sew things, interior decorate, make delicious snacks, build a dogevator (dog elevator, obviously) and paint. Tricking your friends probably won’t get you far in life, but it’ll help you get your tree house built and learn teamwork skills.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark

Moving into a new apartment building where you don’t have any friends is hard. If you happen to meet an old lady who lives alone and loves telling you stories, don’t promise her you’ll come by and then not come by. She might be a ghost who will haunt you for lying until you apologize and explain to her why you didn’t show up. It’s important to honor your commitments and to be nice to old people. The chance of the old person being a ghost is just too risky.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Launching the music career of your little cousin may sound like a really good and lucrative idea, but chances are the success and attention will go to her head. She will probably turn into a mega brat and it will be all your fault. Maybe you both should just enjoy your childhoods and worry about money and fame when you’re old enough to understand the repercussions, okay?

Family Matters

Never be mean to your nerdy neighbor who always hangs around. You never know if he will invent a cloning machine to turn himself into a cooler, more handsome version of himself who you will fall in love with. We live in the 2000s now. Anything’s possible.

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