Imagine A Conversation With…Hayley MillsDeborah Tarica

Me: Oh my god, you’re Hayley Mills!

Hayley Mills: I suppose I am. And you are?

Me: One of your biggest fans!

Hayley Mills:
That’s quite the compliment. Thank you.

Me: I’ve seen all of your movies! Wow, this is incredible.

Hayley Mills: I’m flattered, really. Which of my pictures is your favorite?

Me: Well, I grew up watching The Parent Trap and have seen it about a million times, so definitely that one.

Hayley Mills: That’s very kind of you to say, it’s one of my favorites as well. Were there any others that you enjoyed?

Me: Absolutely. Parent Trap II was great. I have it on an old VHS somewhere at my parents’ house. My sister and I used to watch it all the time. The Parent Trap in Hawaii was fun too. And the third one with the triplets…so great!

Hayley Mills: I’m sensing a theme here. Have you enjoyed any of my films where I don’t play Susan or Sharon?

Me: Well, I haven’t seen many others.

Hayley Mills: But you have seen some?

Me: No, Ma’am.

Hayley Mills: So really, you’re not my biggest fan. You just really like The Parent Trap.

Me: Yes, Ma’am.

Hayley Mills: I see.

Me: I have an original Parent Trap poster framed in my living room. That must count for something.

Hayley Mills: It doesn’t.

Me: I enjoyed your time on Saved By The Bell

Hayley Mills: Yes, my proudest accomplishment. Thank you.

Me: (stares awkwardly)

Hayley Mills: You’re standing on my foot.

Me: Sorry. I’ll let you get back to your grocery shopping.

Hayley Mills: Thanks.

Me: “I’ve got a cake in my hands!”

Hayley Mills: That wasn’t even my line in the movie.

Me: It was a really great line, though.

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  1. Thanks for all the great recommendations everyone! Can’t wait to watch them all!

  2. I also agree that The Moon-Spinners is awesome! I haven’t seen it in forever, though…

  3. I agree, The Trouble with Angels, The Moon-Spinners, Summer Magic and Pollyanna are all fantastic. I’ve never seen That Darn Cat but I’m sure it’s just as amazing.

  4. Oh, and Parent Traps II, III, and “Hawaii” rock.

  5. The Moon-Spinners is a must! Adventure, travel, fantastic wardrobe, gorgeous ’60s love interest–see it now! Also, the “Femininity” song in Summer Magic rocks my socks.

  6. Pollyanna is a good one too!

  7. I have always adored That Darn Cat! The one with Hayley Mills from ’65, not the 90s remake with Christina Ricci.

  8. There’s more than one Parent Trap movie?!?! WHAT? that’s awesome.

  9. so good, I must have watched The Parent Trap hundreds of times… this made me happy!

  10. Haha love it :) You should definitely see The trouble with Angels! If you loved The parent Trap I’m almost positive you’d love this one too =p