Imagine A Conversation With…Hayley Mills

Me: Oh my god, you’re Hayley Mills!

Hayley Mills: I suppose I am. And you are?

Me: One of your biggest fans!

Hayley Mills:
That’s quite the compliment. Thank you.

Me: I’ve seen all of your movies! Wow, this is incredible.

Hayley Mills: I’m flattered, really. Which of my pictures is your favorite?

Me: Well, I grew up watching The Parent Trap and have seen it about a million times, so definitely that one.

Hayley Mills: That’s very kind of you to say, it’s one of my favorites as well. Were there any others that you enjoyed?

Me: Absolutely. Parent Trap II was great. I have it on an old VHS somewhere at my parents’ house. My sister and I used to watch it all the time. The Parent Trap in Hawaii was fun too. And the third one with the triplets…so great!

Hayley Mills: I’m sensing a theme here. Have you enjoyed any of my films where I don’t play Susan or Sharon?

Me: Well, I haven’t seen many others.

Hayley Mills: But you have seen some?

Me: No, Ma’am.

Hayley Mills: So really, you’re not my biggest fan. You just really like The Parent Trap.

Me: Yes, Ma’am.

Hayley Mills: I see.

Me: I have an original Parent Trap poster framed in my living room. That must count for something.

Hayley Mills: It doesn’t.

Me: I enjoyed your time on Saved By The Bell

Hayley Mills: Yes, my proudest accomplishment. Thank you.

Me: (stares awkwardly)

Hayley Mills: You’re standing on my foot.

Me: Sorry. I’ll let you get back to your grocery shopping.

Hayley Mills: Thanks.

Me: “I’ve got a cake in my hands!”

Hayley Mills: That wasn’t even my line in the movie.

Me: It was a really great line, though.

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  • Amanda Rodriguez

    Haha love it :) You should definitely see The trouble with Angels! If you loved The parent Trap I’m almost positive you’d love this one too =p

  • Krista Hudson

    so good, I must have watched The Parent Trap hundreds of times… this made me happy!

  • Michelle Moll

    There’s more than one Parent Trap movie?!?! WHAT? that’s awesome.

  • Becky Phelan

    I have always adored That Darn Cat! The one with Hayley Mills from ’65, not the 90s remake with Christina Ricci.

  • Amanda Koldy

    Pollyanna is a good one too!

  • Eileen Hogan

    The Moon-Spinners is a must! Adventure, travel, fantastic wardrobe, gorgeous ’60s love interest–see it now! Also, the “Femininity” song in Summer Magic rocks my socks.

  • Eileen Hogan

    Oh, and Parent Traps II, III, and “Hawaii” rock.

  • Melpo Christofi

    I agree, The Trouble with Angels, The Moon-Spinners, Summer Magic and Pollyanna are all fantastic. I’ve never seen That Darn Cat but I’m sure it’s just as amazing.

  • Alan Howell

    I also agree that The Moon-Spinners is awesome! I haven’t seen it in forever, though…

  • Deborah Tarica

    Thanks for all the great recommendations everyone! Can’t wait to watch them all!

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