Imagine A Conversation With…

…Adam and Eve

Me: Nice place you got here.

Eve: Thanks, it’s not much but it’s home.

Me: Not much? What is it, like a million square feet?

Adam (laughs): Something like that, but we don’t have much furniture to fill it, so we just kind of stick to this little garden here.

Me: Yeah, I get that. I’m probably going to be getting rid of a dining room table in the near future if you’re interested.

Eve: That’s okay. Thanks though.

Me: How are the neighbors? Are they the friendly type, or do they just keep to themselves?

Adam: What are neighbors?


Me: Where did you find it, anyway?

Eve: A good friend owns it and is letting us stay here.

Me: Lucky. Hey, I didn’t have time for lunch. Do you mind if I grab one of those apples?

Eve: Help yourself.

Me:  Thanks! What do you pay a month, if you don’t mind me asking?

Adam: Actually, Deborah, we do.

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