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“Girls who wear makeup to the gym obviously have an agenda other than calorie burn. FYI: running eye makeup isn’t sexy.”-@BethBehrs

  • Sarah Snyder

    I hate when I see women with makeup at the gym… and I hate the gyms that have those huge picture windows in the front. Why do people on the street need to see you running? not cool.

  • Tetra Lewis Pacino

    Some people are more comfortable than other with a non-makeup face. Whatever floats their boat :-)

  • Jena Pasko

    I agree with you, Shara Lee. Of course, that doesn’t excuse why I put on lip gloss on when I do my Saturday morning runs. But a little lip gloss never hurt anyone, right?

  • Molly McAleer

    I love Beth!

  • Shara Lee

    If you have to go after work, sometimes it’s inevitable.

  • Victor Saltykov

    party sporster

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