Tweet of the Day Illustrated Tweet of the Day Maritza Lugo

My type is “guy with girlfriend that’s a prettier version of me” – @allisonfields


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  1. This is just my interpretation, but I think the point is that “pretty” is extremely subjective. I’m assuming that the girl on the right is the girlfriend and the girl on the left is the other girl. The girl on the left may be stereotypically pretty, but people are their own worst critics, so while other people may think that she’s prettier than the other girl, she sees the girlfriend as more attractive. I think that makes sense. I’m typing in a really awkward way right now, so I may not have written it out exactly like I meant it, but I think it works haha.

  2. This illustration is comfusing…because the “prettier” version seems to be the author and not the gf…longer hair with definitely more bounce and a trimmer waist…or at least a coat the accentuates it better. Lol!