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“Nothing feels sketchier than trying to hide the fact you’re taking photos of yourself.”

  • Marissa A. Ross

    I wrote this while using my iPhone propped against my laptop screen to take photos of myself because my webcam is crappy while hiding it from my boyfriend. IT WORKED!

    Thanks for sharing my tweet!

  • Filleosophy

    It wasn’t necessarily of MYSELF, but I was in a dimly lit bar trying to take a photograph of something on my table that I thought would turn out vaguely artsy or at least Instagram-worthy. For the success of this picture, lighting was key. iPhone photography is serious. Anyway, I thought the flash was off, but of course it wasn’t. I swear, the entire bar lit up with the flash and the loud fake camera noise and there I was, just photographing my table. Embarrassing.

    • Kimberly ‘Roddy’ Jimenez

      ha ha, next time that happens look around and say out loud, “Darn Paparazzi!”

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