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“Did the Bible ever mention a plague of bootcut jeans? Cause that sh*t may be upon us.”-@MarissaARoss

  • Airam Liscano

    The Illustrated Tweet of the day is like THE BEST PART OF MY DAY. You guys kill it everytime.

    Maritza Lugo, you rock!


  • Katy Johnson

    Aww. But I love my bootcuts! They make me feel like a TV show detective.

    • Mary Traina

      hahaha nailed it!

    • Sammy Vongsa

      LOL yesss!

  • Karen Taylor

    But I like bootcut jeans!

  • Chardaé Davis

    There’s part of me that doesn’t want to wear skinny jeans all the time…and then the other part that thinks I look ridiculous in bootcut jeans. I’ve never found them to be flattering.

  • Zoë Greene

    How do you find the tweets for these posts?! They are always so funny. Are they just random people?

  • Christina Konze

    I don’t see anything wrong with bootcut jeans. Skinnies aren’t right for every body type. Let’s not turn into a society where “ice cream cone” is fashionable, like Clinton Kelly said.

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