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“My boyfriend just sent me a text saying YOLO. Do I end it now?”-@EllieHornsby


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  1. I think Lolz is worse.

  2. only if he’s saying it ironically

  3. I personally take that as a hint to run for the hills.

  4. It probably depends on what he was responding to. If you were pissed he was going to a strip club and he says, “YOLO” that’s a giant sign he’s a big douche. BUT, if you are nervous about accepting a new job and he says YOLO, I’d maybe give it a pass.

  5. Scarily relevant to my life right now.

  6. Yes. He’s obviously an idiot.

  7. I just Googled “YOLO” to find out what it is. This is what I got, ”
    “carpe diem” for stupid people.” haha

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