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"I feel like jumping on my desk and dancing to 'Modern Love'. 
I won't because I'm a lazyass and that would require effort."-@Girleastlikely2
  • Lara Streeter

    Woo hoo!

  • Yajaira Nuribeth Calderon

    Sometimes at work I wanna use the intercom to sing along to what I’m listening to at my desk, but I decide not to because I…can’t really sing very well. But everyone at work does come dangerously close to that horror.

  • Alyce Trelawny Coleman

    Damn, I love that song.

  • Mimi Rox

    “Modern Love” by Bloc Party? If so, i love that song too!! like more than I can possibly tell you. I heard it at work once, which was weird to me, but also VERY exciting and I didn’t dance on my desk, but I did dance and sing along and then told everyone I saw what the song was, why I was dancing to it and that they should invest their time and their ears into listening and loving that song.

  • Erma Basila


  • Skinnyweirdo Camacho

    hahhaha soo true!!!

  • Stephanie Arafiles Bridgman

    I”m thinking it’s “Modern Love” by David Bowie…AWESOME dance party song! But This Modern Love by Bloc Party is just as dance-worthy, so dance away mimi rox!

  • Carleen Guffey Abercrombie

    maybe not this song, but I can get my freak on when I feel like moving. Mama Mia anyone??

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