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“Serious question: are there people who just set one alarm and then get up right away?” -@ellecordes


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  1. Surprisingly I do! Not every time but even if it’s at 6am I can. I usually get my alarm for the latest possible time I can get up to be on time anywhere.

  2. I am a huge snooze person! I probably push my snooze button 4 times before i get up.. Like this morning i have to be at work at 8 so i set my alarm clock for 6:30 and i didnt wake up until 7!

  3. this is pretty much how i sleep all curled up in my duvet!! lol!! and no i have to set more than one alarm!

  4. I’m one of those people too. I alwasy set my alarm because I’m paranoid that I’ll sleep in but I’m almost always up long before my alarm goes off. I don’t even know how long the snooze on my alarm is because I’ve never used it.

  5. Yes, that’s me. Anytime I’ve tried the snooze button, I lay there for those few minutes watching the clock, knowing I have to get up soon. It’s not worth the time and I never sleep anyway.

  6. That would be me! :)

  7. I even wake up exactly two minutes before the alarm starts. Every morning. And my boyfriend annoys me with snoozing for half an hour. :D

  8. Yes. Sadly. One of them is my husband and it drives me insane. It makes my daily ‘at least three snooze pressings’ routine seem to weak…

  9. Yup! Me! I’m a morning person; I get up, and hop in the shower right away (and it wakes me up) :D

  10. Sure thing, I´m not one of them!