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Illustrated Tweet Of The Day

“Dear facewash commercials, Nobody really splashes their face like that!!!! Sincerely, my whole damn bathroom floor is wet”-@bumpyride_

  • Ashley Lynn Cook


  • Christina Martinez

    Where’s my all white bathroom?

  • China Marie Aquino

    YES! Every time I see those commercials I think about how no one does that because it makes a giant mess. Nice to know I’m not alone.

  • Allison Anderson

    my roommate does but doesn’t wipe down her puddles :/

  • Michelle Wallace

    I have newly come to hellogiggles and love the illistrated tweets. Loved them so much i spent the rest of my afternoon going thriugh them all. Thank you for giving me so many chuckles

  • Emily McGuire

    Ha, this is sooo true! Every time I wash my face, my arms get soaking wet as well as the counter top.

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