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“I understand you have a new baby & I understand you have a Facebook account but it really doesn’t need to be something you combine, ya know?”

  • Terri Dactyl

    seriously…. enough with the babies already! And I love the look on her face!

  • Jessica Day

    hahaha… love it! Everyone I know is getting married or having babies and it is blowing up my facebook newsfeed!

  • Ashley Maffioli

    could not agree more! there should be a separate FB for parents.

  • Maria Jose Rojas

    to be completely honest,I deleted a friend who went over the top crazy with Baby albums,statuses and even apps on FB…Added her recently now that the baby is almost 2 and she’s not that cray-cray…Granted,she doesn’t spend so much time on Facebook either 😉

  • Sarah ‘Brahler’ Clark

    Really? Last time I checked my fb page represented me, and what’s going on in my life right now is motherhood.

  • Sami Main

    Just saying, that as fans we would TOTALLY rock that shirt.

  • Adia J. Olguin

    I get it. I understand how it can get to be annoying, but at the same time we have to remember that when someone has a baby, their life is different. And that is apart of friendship, the changes and getting older, etc.

  • Ashley Reddick

    Whatever! That’s the REASON I have a FB! I’m friends with my family members that are out of state and that’s the way they keep up with my little girl! Being a good mom is the most AWESOME thing ever!! <3

  • Sandy Mora

    But I love seeing my Facebook friends’ baby pictures and hearing about cute things they say and do. This post is mean! Cute illustration, though.

  • Jane Murphy

    Are you serious?! My Facebook is all about my baby. <— See? It's because she is my favourite thing in the world and she is also pretty funny and cute. I'm not going to censor my Facebook for friends who don't understand because they don't have kids yet. They're more than welcome to delete me as a friend. I don't ask anyone to stop posting about their "fully sick nite at Paramount got heaps smashed hey n then ate a kebab".

    • Sarah Cox

      Here, here!!

  • Jessica Vignola

    My Facebook feed has been on baby overload lately and sometimes it does get a bit annoying, but they’re just parents soaking in every ounce of the new life they created. I’m sure I’ll be the same way once I pop out one or two of my own.

  • Becky Coleman

    I love Facebook babies! Nobody should hate on mothers; their life is their babies! I know I sometimes get jealous of Facebook friends statuses, but I don’t hate them for it. Also, there are settings so certain people don’t show up on your news feed and seeing baby pictures on a daily basis is totally avoidable.

  • Ashley Xue Grimm
  • Mindsay Mohan

    I have to say, I dont think this is hating on babies, parents or the birth of a newborn. It’s more about getting an overload on your newsfeed. EVERYONE has had a moment, baby or non baby related where you just kinda get fed up with the status updates. So to get uppity is misjudging it just a smidge. And being much too uptight over something like faccacta facebook updates, friends.

    • Robyn Pennington

      Well said! My FB has been on craaaaaaazy baby overload for the past like 5 years and I get those moments where I’m just like ahh no more baby info!! I agree, though, that the post isn’t supposed to be judgmental or anything. It’s just saying, sometimes there is such thing as baby overload.

  • Leanne Vale-Francis

    There is a vast difference between documenting milestones (“OMG! Johnny just took his first steps!!”) and the banal (“Johnny just slept 4hours straight and then did a crap the colour and consistency of whipped caramel!!”).. and remember folks, what we put on the internet will be there forever! Do you really think little Johnny will want to find information on the internet pertaining to his bowel movements when he’s 18yrs old?? Just saying…

  • Nicole Jeanette Ford

    Agreed. People in general just put crap on facebook I could really care less about. And I totally agree with the person that put there’s a diffrence between putting milestones as your status and stupid mundane stuff no one really wants to know about. Also, if you’re a mother and your child is the only thing you can “relate” to, I think you need to get a hobby. Or something.

  • Somjai Grice

    I’d rather have an overload of babies than an overload of, “oh my god, I got so drunk last night”. If you don’t want to read it, delete it. Your friend list is decided by you. Stop complaining about someone’s happiness and love. Perhaps you should look inside yourself if someone’s absolute love of their new baby (how dare they!) annoys you.

  • Kelly Marie

    I agree! Although I’m sure when I have a baby I will want to share everything about him/her with anyone that will pay attention to me…and the Internet makes that easier! haha

  • Lauren M. Blanchard

    I also really love my cat. But I know better than to put posts on my facebook such as “Aw! Kitty just barfed in my Dad’s shoe! Cutest thing EVAR!”
    And these are things the internet LOVES: babies, cats, and baby cats. It’s just that sometimes, when a lot of your friends are single and childless, no offense to you, it’s just not something they want to be constantly reminded of. I’m sure if we met up with you personally and you wanted to share your babies pictures and cute stories, we would be more receptive. It’s just that when more than half of our friends tend to be married with children and it’s not exactly fun for us to have it rubbed in our faces. The thing is, it’s not something that the mother’s realize that they’re doing because I don’t know of a single one who thinks like that on or off-line.

  • Anonymous

    Yep. This is just not funny or clever and is completely sophomoric. If you don’t want to see something on FB, edit your news feed and quit bitching.

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