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“Everyone who owns a cat has held them up and sang The Lion King song at least once.”-@Starrlett17

  • Jennie McKeon

    I do it with small dogs too…

  • Asha Galindo

    Cats, small dogs, babies, stuffed animals, etc.

  • Bambi Troxell

    i was just talking a/b this w/ someone yesterday! it makes me happy to do this :)

  • Heather Favro Binuya

    Truth. I may have also done this from time to time with cats that do not belong to me.

  • Ayesha Ali

    We did this with a small dog for our a cappella concert!

  • Anonymous

    i wouldn’t doubt it lolz

  • Andrea De La Rosa

    This is true.

  • Andra Shannon

    Well, NOW I’m gonna.

    • Katie Parker

      I do this with my cat all the time! I have to say she rather likes when I sing to her and hold her while I dance around. I have to say I hold her up and say “MOCHA!” All the time :) She loves it! She is as much a cute dorkess as I am 😉

  • Shaina Nails Edwards

    I have definitely done this with my dog. <3

  • Lisa Ryan

    and my cats seem to really like it!

  • Sílvia Juncà

    Of course!! and my cat looks exactly like Nala, only she’s a cat, not a lion. Even she knows is the only thing I ask!! :p

  • Hernandez Diaz

    I should have~I had two cats when I was little and I had the movie, I never though about it lol~

  • Lyraida Maldonado Caraballo

    I have cats, and it’s rare I do that now that they are adults, but the ones I’ve had as kittens, OMG, EVERY SINGLE TIME I grab a kitten I do this. I don’t sing the song every time, but I totally pretend it’s Simba.

  • Michele Segroves

    If by once you mean once a week or sometimes daily then this completely applies to me.

    • Anonymous

      Sadly, I did once diceovsr a friend’s body who’d died several days previously. His ever loving whippet hadn’t touched him. But the dog was very pleased to see me.

  • Christina Boucher

    I’ve owned 7 cats so far in my lifetime and I do this every time we get a new one. Because I’m crazy.

  • Cait Davanzo Anderson

    I believe that would be… yesterday!

  • Kay B. Douglas

    I’ve done this with my son

  • Maria Christine Schuld

    I love the look on the cat’s face. “Oh God, not again.”

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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