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“Was considering getting a boyfriend, but I just bought a Nintendo NES so I’m thinking I’ll just hang out with that instead.” – @Krista_Doyle

  • Jessica Bauer

    Definitely me! I mean, after all, if Mario ever pisses you off because he keeps getting bit by ghosts or overgrown flowers all the time, you can always turn him off. Can’t do that with a real one 😉

  • Krista Doyle

    I know, right? And sometimes you can switch to Luigi, keep things fresh.

  • Tish Chambers

    “Nintendo NES” is redundant. NES stands for Nintendo Entertainment System.
    Nerd = Me 😐

    • Krista Doyle

      Oh noooo, you are right. Oh well.

  • Clare Bamford

    SNES is awesome. I actually have a system that is both a Nintendo and Super Nintendo in one. I came home one day and my boyfriend had sold all the games for it so he could buy something completely ridiculous, I’m not sure what, because it “belongs to both of us” even though I bought it, and all the games for it. Now that is the reason why sometimes gaming systems are better than boyfriends.

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