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“If you ever see me looking at my phone, I’m probably using my “avoid eye contact” app.” –@Mattnedostup

  • Dante Melo

    Every time I’m in White Plains..

    You’re like “Super Chick” with these steady drawings. Dope work. in the year 3450 when people study early American history whilst riding in their deluxe spaceships they will stumble upon your drawings, under early internet art and find you. They’ll be like “Oh snap! look at this bad mamma Jamma.”.(that’s how they talk in the future… kinda like 70’s jive.) Then they’ll put it in their space ship museum. Future hipsters art kids can sit down and pretend to draw and drink their lattè. You’re popularity amongst the art critics and Gallery owners across the galaxy will earn you a cult following of retro kids that will sew, build VCR’s and cassettes, buy glue guns and draw on discontinued paper.

    Once again keep up the good work.

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