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The most '90s things about ‘I'll Be Home For Christmas'

Alert, alert: Jonathan Taylor Thomas up ahead.

The ’90s were such a magnificent place, because this young heartthrob was everywhere. He was in Home Improvement, he was the voice of Simba, and he also appeared in a little movie about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, and then trying to find your way home for Christmas. Hence, the title, I’ll Be Home For Christmas. But does he make it home in time?!?

Considering it’s a JTT movie, and it’s a Disney JTT movie, it doesn’t even feel like I’m spoiling it when I say YES. If you want to see how it shakes out yourself, the movie is currently streaming on Netflix right now. As in, stop what your doing and go watch it right now, everything else can wait. Or you can stay right where you are, and join me for a quick trip down JTT Memory Lane, where we examine the BEST ’90s things about I’ll Be Home for Christmas, to get you ready for your own viewing.

Smashmouth was HUGE

The first ’90s thing is actually that 7th Heaven-era Jessica Biel played JTT’s GF in the movie. She really loved Smashmouth. So much so, she had a poster of them on her wall, like all the cool kids.

Beepers were a thing

How did you text someone in a pinch in 1998? You didn’t. But you could send them simple text-based messages via a beeper. Which is what JTT proposes some bros use to cheat on a test. What could go wrong with that plan, huh?

This giant cordless phone, and that blue Hawaiian shirt

Also, that TV. There’s no way that TV is HD. Also, check out the TV picture frame on the wall that has rabbit ears.

Rollerblading to class

Biel is such a cutie. OK, but now look in the background where you can clearly see two boys, on rollerblades, heading off to class. Nowadays, they’d just hoverboard there.

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