Lies I Tell My Daughter

If you don't stop watching yourself on the computer, it will explode

Hey, HelloGiggles readers! If you are loyal HG fans (as I know you are), I’m sure you are familiar with another fellow HG writer, the very funny Erin Foster, who writes the Single Girls Guide.

Erin and my daughter met at lunch one day (without me! Yes, Sunny “lunches”) and they totally clicked and ended up making a video together.  When the video came out, Sunny, my husband and I were excited to see it and to show it to our friends and family.  It was sweet and fun to watch the first fifty times. Now the YouTube video version of it is at almost sixty thousand views, which is amazing – although I’m convinced fifty eight thousand of the views are Sunny.

She watches it over and over again asking me if it’s real. IS WHAT REAL? We were there, filming it together. She knows she had a “pretend day”.  She keeps asking me if Erin can come babysit her, which is completely crazy because the video is all about Erin being totally mean to her.  I think she thinks that if Erin comes over to babysit her, it will end up on YouTube again.

Sometimes I’ll get a phone call or need to take a shower so I will put on You Tube so that she can watch her favorite singers’ videos or cartoons. Although I try to limit her time on the computer, a quick shower or a work call can turn into 20 minutes, which can lead to a video ending and Sunny perusing the other options YouTube has to offer to the right of the original video she is watching.  This can easily lead from Sunny watching Mariah Carey singing ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ to something called The White Supremacist Christmas Special… which then leads to Sunny telling me that my husband and I are Jewish and she is not or that we need to just LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!

These days, Sunny often thinks that there are cameras following us around every time we go to the park or that Erin’s going to pop out of a tree somewhere (we filmed at a park). She takes extra special care in picking out outfits in the morning and asks me if her day will end up on YouTube. Ah, to be 5 years old.

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