Things That I Like Today

If You Can't Laugh, Then You're Just Going To End Up Sad

I had something else completely different planned for today but then I saw this lovely and sweet video and it warmed my heart despite the incredibly sucky news.

Michelle Ward is a life coach from NYC and last week she got some bad news: she found out she had breast cancer. It’s pretty much the crappiest news to get  but once you’ve come to terms with it, you’ve got to tell people and that’s sometimes so much worse. Before I go any further, I must say that it wasn’t me who got diagnosed, it was my mum. So while I cannot fully comprehend what it is like to be told, I sure as hell know how hard it is to tell people and the way Michelle Ward has gone about it is possibly the most perfect way I can think of.

With a smile and a pink ukelele, Michelle lays it all out there in a ditty: she’s got boob cancer. There’s no beating around the bush, there’s no getting out of it; it is what it is. In the video description, Michelle says that being the bearer of such bad news was the worst job she ever had and that she needed to tell it in a way that wasn’t going to bring people down. She succeeded because I watched it with a huge smile on my face and tears welling up in my eyes.

This kind of thing makes me have faith in people and that, you know, everything can’t really be all that bad. Cancer is bad – it pretty much sucks and if you let it own you, it will destroy you and those around you far worse than simply the loss that comes from the disease. If you can style yourself a smile when life is throwing simply the worst it can at you, then you’re going to make yourself that much tougher to crack… and that’s half the battle. Speaking from experience, a positive outlook goes SUCH a long way and truly if you can laugh at it, you can deal with it. That’s what makes the unbearable bearable.

So here’s to Michelle Ward for being amazing and choosing to smile through this. Thoughts are with you but with that outlook, well damn, you’re going to be one helluva tough cookie to break.

If you want to send your thoughts, well wishes or whatever to Michelle, here’s her website