VideosIf The Epic Film ‘Cats & Dogs' Has Taught Me Anything…Sade

Okay like, I’m going to choose my words carefully here since cats are the official mascots of the Internet, but I knew I was a dog person for a reason. Cats are clearly spies attempting to take over the world. I mean, not to get all Michael Moore on you with the conspiracy theories but this cat is clearly engaged in some sort of espionage mission and is passing along false information to area canines via neighbourhood barking. Look at him, trying to go back to meowing so nonchalantly once he realizes the jig is up. It’s too late, cat! I’m onto you! We all are! Just remember that the next time you’re snuggling Mr. Tinklepants – he’s got your cell phone bugged.

video via VVV


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  1. Is that real??

  2. LOVE THIS VIDEO! I have 2 Siamese cats and my little one, Zoey, sounds like a baby when she meows. CATS RULE!!!!

  3. Well, how many dogs you know that are bilingual? :D

  4. hahaha wow this is so true! I knew there was something fishy about the way cats always act so chill…

  5. That is too funny! Just further proof that dogs are way better than cats…

  6. That cheating little cat spy! I feel better having put my trust in dogs

  7. HAHAHAHAHA! This is AWESOME!!!! SO funny! :-D