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Ice Loves Coco episode 108: Baby Got Baby

Well, this is it, Gigglers. The first season of Ice Loves Coco has ended. First 9/11 and now this? We will get through these trying times together. Though there has been no official word on the possibility of a season 2, I think that as long as we keep our chins up, we will be okay.


Coco and Ice lounge by the pool with their drinks in hand, pinkies out, when Coco reveals that she just made the Guinness Book of World Records for being the first woman in the world to read What To Expect When You’re Expecting while wearing a sequined bikini and rocking pink chrome fingernail tips. At least I’m pretty sure that’s what happened.

To aid in quelling Coco’s fears of helping Kristy deliver her 46th child, Ice arranges for the two couples to meet up for dinner. Instead of easing Coco’s solitary anxiety, it merely generates a collective anxiety within everyone involved in the birthing process.

“I just want it to be perfect like everything I do,” Coco says, trying to explain her neurotic tendencies.

Ice and Coco visit a shooting range, where Coco displays that she is not only a better shot but a better hatchet thrower than her husband, who has a hit song that is about being so tough that he murders corrupt cops.

“Did you see me, baby?” Coco excitedly asks after shooting a disk, turning and therefore consequently pointing her loaded gun at her husband to see how proud he is of her.

The Dude Ranch itself has this fun little game where you stand on opposite sides of plexiglass and have a good ol’ fashioned gun draw.

Do most married couples know this exists? I can think of literally dozens of couples who could benefit from the practice of shooting their spouses without the nasty hassle of a murder trial.

Coco is in a boat with Ice in the middle of the lake when she notices she has 5 voice mails, all from Kristy’s husband. Kris is experiencing contractions and they want Coco at the hospital to help coach her sister along.

All I noticed is that it appears Coco is part of the elite group of woman who are not shaving their forearms. I wish I had the courage to keep my forearms au natural at all times because we shave so much already! Yet every few weeks I give in and take a razor to the nearly translucent forest. Seriously. My arm hairs are blonde as anything. What am I even doing?

Coco breaks out the medical mask that Soulgee had bedazzled for her especially for this birth. I’m not so sure if applying rhinestones doesn’t negate the whole “sanitary thing” medical masks have going for them, but what do I know! Certainly less than Dr. Soulgee!

Too bad he didn’t start doing this during the Swine Flu outbreak in Japan. He would have made a killing off of personalized medical masks. The Japanese appreciate both fashion and function, after all.

Coco proves to be an exemplary midwife. She gets into the birthing tub with Kristy, takes her on walks in the hallway and is massaging her through out all of it. Honestly, I hope there is no season 2 of Ice Loves Coco because I would much rather see TLC pick up a show where Coco helps all sorts of women give birth. Coco is My Midwife would be a perfect lead in to Bringing Home Baby.


Can you imagine so many people peering into your vagina? Why? I thought after your 700th child they kind of just start falling out?


Baby Austin is born, giving everyone a bit of a scare when he comes out blue and not crying. After a bit of a towel rub, kind of like that one puppy on the original 101 Dalmatians, his little lungs wail. Consequently, for the second week in a row, Ice Loves Coco makes me cry.


Austin is staring directly at his auntie’s cleavage.

At the very end of the episode, Coco reveals that she wants a baby. Helping deliver Austin, Kristy’s 9000th child, kick started her own biological clock. She does have the appropriate birthing hips, why not make use of them?

Ice isn’t against the idea and tells Coco that whenever she says the word, POW! He’ll make sure it happens. Sounds like a great story line for season 2 to follow…

In the end, they’re happy with the little family of 5 they already have; Coco, Ice, Spartacus and his bright pink balls.


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