I Wrote A Book; You Can't Read It

I spent just over three years writing the first draft of my first novel ever: three hundred-ish pages of dark comedy, darker tragedy and real life experiences thinly veiled in fiction.

I was preening like a kitten when I finished it this fall. I even thought of a really great last scene – and the perfect closing line. It was a totally fulfilling, empowering experience. I had done it. It was only a matter of time before I’d be crowned America’s newest contemporary literary genius. Once published, my dark, comic tale of a fragile heroine ravaged by cruelty of life’s day-to-day grind would become an underground hit. Then Oprah would read it and immediately announce she was coming out of retirement for the sole purpose of reviving her Book Club just to share my genius. (YOU’RE getting a Pulitzer Prize and YOU’RE getting a Pulitzer Prize and YOU’RE getting a Pulitzer Prize!)

I felt like pretty hot stuff.

“I finished my NOOOOOOOOOO-VEL,” I’d tell friends when they asked what I’d been up to. I said it in a snotty, self-mocking tone  proving I knew how pretentious it sounded. Secretly though, I didn’t care if I seemed like a braggart.  I wrote a novel. I felt entitled to boast a little. I’d spent hundreds of hours staring out windows, crying over lack of inspiration, reading excerpts at my weekly writing group, staring out windows again and, of course, actually writing. And then, finally, it was done. It had seemed like an insurmountable task, but I had surmounted it.  I was an inspiration to aspiring novelists everywhere.

“That is SO AWESOME, Liz!” said my best friend. “I’m so proud of you! Can I read it?”

That shut me up pretty quick. You could almost hear the sound of my self-satisfied smirk melting away, like ice going soft and collapsing at the bottom of an old fountain soda cup. Flurp.

“No, you can’t read it,” I said, annoyed.

She looked confused.

“No one can read it,” I said. “It’s a first draft!”

“Oh,” she said. “That’s okay! I don’t care!”

“No!” I fumed. “It’s not… readable!”

Photo by Liz Brown

It was the first time I’d even admitted it to myself. I wrote a book, but I couldn’t give it to anyone to read. It was a mess. There were dozens of pages of alternate story lines in there that I wasn’t using anymore. My main character had every job from psychiatrist to product tester when I was still figuring out who she was. There’s stuff I wrote in there three years ago that makes absolutely no sense with the brilliant ending that I wrote in September. If anyone opened up my “book” right now and started reading, they’d be seriously confused, and not in a cool ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ way. I’d rather eat all three-hundred pages of my book one by one than let my closest friend read it, let alone a legitimate editor or publisher. If Oprah and Gayle’s car broke down in front of my house right this second and the ladies asked me for something compelling to read while they waited for a tow truck, I couldn’t give them my moldy old orange binder half-filled with genius and half-filled with miserable junk.

Then I remembered that old adage: “Writing is rewriting.”


So, I guess I didn’t write a book after all–not yet. Once I finish this next draft, though, I’ll definitely have written a book – when I can give it to someone to read.

Back to staring out the window and crying for a couple more months. Times a-wastin’ and Oprah’s ill-fated Chevy Impala could be right around the corner.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=793185451 Leigh Clouse

    Haha, I loved this. I too wrote a novel, but there is no chance that I am letting anyone read my draft…I doubt it would make much sense/be very good, but I am okay with that. Sometimes I think it’s good to have a piece of writing that is just for yourself. Maybe others will get to see the revised piece later.

  • http://www.facebook.com/caishnah Caishnah Nevans

    I wrote the start of a novel when at university. My writing tutor made me promise I’d keep writing and finish it one day but the truth is, as you said, it was nothing more than my ‘real life experiences thinly veiled in fiction’ and there’s no way I want friends reading that. And so it sits there taunting me, a wordy diary more than a novel really. Good luck with the re-write!

  • http://www.facebook.com/siobhan.kumm Siobhan Kümm

    Yep. Pretty much. Haha.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=580569283 Liz Brown

    Going to a writer’s group to read stuff every week is the only way that I got it done–because I knew there were people expecting me to show up with new stuff every week!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Michemily Michelle Glauser

    I got a book done, too, but it seems so far from letting anyone read it. I think I just need a strong editor to take over from here because I don’t know what it needs by myself. Meh.

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