I Went to See Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe’ Tour and Now I’m a Belieber

Let me just start this article by saying that when I entered the Justin Bieber concert, I was a fan. I wasn’t a huge Belieber going in, but coming out, I was.

My mom had gotten me four tickets to the Justin Bieber concert, with VIP passes and a meet and greet. Unfortunately for me, though, the tickets weren’t actually mine, and I had to go to the concert with my 9-year-old sister and my 70-year-old grandmother. I’m not complaining; I was fortunate enough to even get tickets that were VIP, so I couldn’t really say anything.

I left school early because I had the meet and greet. We drove up to the arena where everything was taking place, and there were girls lined up along the block. At this time the concert wasn’t starting for another four hours. They were screaming so loud that I wanted to just get a huge megaphone and scream at them, “SHUT UP, HE’S JUST A BOY!” I don’t think they would have listened, though. These girls were so insane – they were holding signs that said, “JUSTIN WILL YOU MARRY ME? OH WAIT, YOU DON’T HAVE A CHOICE!” and “Swag on me, Justin ;)”. That day, I really feared for my generation.

I waited in line for an hour, and finally when I went in to meet him, I realized how tired he looked! My mom is a songwriter, and she’s told me how when she goes on tour with the artists she works with, that they pretty much are 10000% exhausted 10000% of the time. I felt bad for him. My loud grandmother felt the need to say, “HEY JUSTIN, WE’RE CANADIAN, TOO!”. This kind of made him a little bit cheerful, but I didn’t want to annoy him too much, considering the fact that there were still 25 people waiting behind us and he had to get ready for a huge concert. He asked us how we were doing and we said good – he’s just so darn nice! He is SO cute, too. Even cuter in real life. I was shaking the whole time, because, well, it’s Justin Bieber.

We left the backstage meet and greet thingy and waited a few minutes for them to open the arena so we could sit down. At this point, there were girls screaming and crowding around the windows where we were taking the pictures with him, and I pretended that the girls were fangirling over me and not Justin. We got this Mexican food and sat down in the arena, and our seats were floor in the second row. Literally the best seats.

It took an hour for the arena to fill up. I went to the Portland concert because that’s where I live (duh!) and the arena we went to can hold up to 20,000 people. There were so many girls. So many. I’m not sure if these girls thought this was a middle school dance, but the short dresses and boobs falling out and short SHORT shorts were so unnecessary. It’s October. I felt really embarrassed to be classified as a teenage girl right then. Whenever someone from backstage would come out on stage, the girls would scream SO LOUD that I thought my ear drums were going to burst into a million pieces, along with my head. These girls behind us were screeching so obnoxiously that I was one scream away from yelling at them, “BEING ANNOYING IS NOT GOING TO GET JUSTIN’S ATTENTION SO PLEASE DO US ALL A FAVOUR AND SHUT UP.” But that wasn’t the nice thing to say, so I gave them the death stare instead. Finally, after much waiting, the opening act came out. I knew it was going to be Carly Rae Jepsen, so when Cody Simpson came out, I became a fangirl for a while.

I love Cody Simpson. I’m not a crazy fan, but I think he’s so incredibly attractive, and he sings so well and his songs are so catchy. I was screaming. I kept yelling at my Mom, “CODY SIMPSON IS HERE MOM HE’S HERE HE’S HERE HE’S HERE.” My grandmother was staring off into the distance. My sister was playing on her iPad. My Mom was knitting. Pardon me? I was so insulted. I could have brought three friends to this concert, which I had been anticipating, and I knew so many people who wished they could have gone more than anything, but instead I went with threee people who were obviously not the least bit interested in this concert.

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