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I Want a Baby…to Dress Up for Halloween

I want a baby. Or babies. Or children. And I’d like them for Halloween. Not permanently, I’ll save that for a few years down the road when I’m a little more mature. I’d just like them for a week or so, so I can dress them up in the most ridiculous costumes possible and show them off. We’ve all seen babies dressed up as little cows or princesses. And that’s great and all, because babies are really just cute in general. But nothing is more irresistible than a kid dressed up in a totally unexpected and incongruous costume. Please see the following examples as proof.

Baby Michael Jackson

Come on! How can you deny the insane adorableness of a little baby with fake Thriller hair and signature red leather jacket? Teach them how to do a little “eee heeee!” and you’re the hit of the party.

Baby as ‘Alien’ Accessory

‘Alien’ was a terrifying movie. Who didn’t freak out when that creature exploded out of John Hurt? Or who didn’t flinch even when they spoofed this n Spaceballs? Well, bring in a baby as the creature and it’s nothing but good fun. Sure, the fake blood is gross, but once you get past that you have a super cute little baby on your chest – and it’s bound to be a less ubiquitous baby costume than Alan from The Hangover.

Young Dwight Schrute

This might be my all time favorite kid costume. In my opinion, Dwight from the beloved The Office was born fully grown in a mustard yellow button down. To see him as a youngster is just a treat you didn’t think you’d ever get to enjoy. Watch your back, Jim.

Jersey Shore Group Costume

Have a lot of kids on your hands? Say, seven? Well then look no further than the show of shows, Jersey Shore. These kids did it right, down to Snooki’s eyewear. Sure, we’ve all seen a million and one Snooki costumes and I’m sure this year they’ll be even more (just try not to confuse the Snookis with the Amy Winehouses). But it’s a rare thrill to see the cast of one of our greatest guilty pleasures represented by our youngest members of society. Let’s just hope they don’t continue to act the parts when Halloween is over.

And for those with four legged friends at your disposal, Huffington Post has some great ideas for you. Lady Gaga Dog? Yeah, amazing.

Do any of you have some awesome baby costume ideas or photos? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Piper Tilney

    I love everything about this… EVERYTHING!

  • Laurie Ann

    youre right. dwight. best costume EVER

  • Joanna Boese

    I’ve wanted to have a little girl to dress as Maggie Simpson…I have seen some cute examples-

  • Desiree Velasco

    omg my husband wanted to do the alien idea! cant believe its already been done!

  • Erin Hassard

    amazing! love love love

  • Laura Mendez

    that’s my mom and I… whenever we go to the babies’ section at department store we try and figure out what would look good on our poodle, who coincidentally, loves playing dress up.

  • Sam Bartell

    Can we please talk about how the Michael Jackson baby actually looks like Ron Jeremy?

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