I have to admit something. I’m horrible at DIY. You know when girls cut up college sports t-shirts so that they’re cute and tight and like, hang nicely?  I literally couldn’t even IMAGINE cutting up one of my t-shirts to look like this. I don’t know where that would even begin. Where do you cut? Where do you tie? I’m lost.

Do you see what I mean, though? Like, it’s cute… but it’s cut down the sides, the top and it’s tied together, is it sewed? How?

Basically, if I’m scared of cutting up a t-shirt, can you even imagine how terrified I am of someone telling me I can DIY jewelry? Well, check this out. There is a book that makes this possible for even the least talented do it yourself people, like me. The book tells you how to do everything STEP BY STEP. I Spy DIY is like a how to guide for every person (skilled or unskilled) who wants to DIY. There are so many projects, so many cool things to make, and most importantly so many detailed and clear instructions.

Every single step is included, starting from what you’ll need. Products and tools, you guys. They tell you EVERYTHING.

Here is one of my favorite pieces from the book. The “Gold Statement Necklace” – this is a semi-advanced one so I’m being super brave by attempting this, but also, I did it…so you can too.

Really cute necklace, right? I’m down to look like Olivia Palermo.

Think it’s too expensive? Want to try and make your own but think it’s too hard? Well, check these instructions out.

Are you confused? NO! Because they are so good and so easy to follow, which makes each of these projects super easy to make.

I’ve been transformed since this book, you guys. Like, I practically live in stuff I made by hand. Fine, not really, but I at least have some RAD accessories that I can say I did myself. And come next football season, I’ll cut everyone’s shirts. I’m not scared! Try me. Seriously, give me your shirt, I’ll make it look awesome. I’m ready.

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