I Miss Wanting To Dance

Me, back in my dancin' days.

We all know that indie music is cool and it’s cool to like indie music. It’s not, however, very cool to like pop music anymore. Why is that? Maybe it’s because pop music isn’t what it once was (Madonna!! Janet!! Paula!!) Or maybe it’s because pop music became too, well… popular, which has ushered in the backlash. Or maybe it’s because I’m no longer spending a large slice of my time-pie dancing.

But that’s the thing: I still really want to dance. Or at least I want to want to dance. And we gotta face facts: The only way to get me there is with good pop music.

So what’s a girl who wants to want to dance to do?

Enter: Doctor Rosen Rosen

This “rogue-pop” producer came on the scene with his bad-ass remixes of songs by the likes of Lady Gaga, Britney and La Roux. Now he’s come out with his first EP titled GIRLS – which you can and should download for FREE – featuring four pop songs he produced and co-wrote with the best up and coming female pop artists. These are the girls who are going to be the next Madonna’s, Paula’s and Janet’s. These are the girls who are going to fill our pop music voids. And these are the girls who are going to make us want to want to dance.

There’s a little something for everyone in this EP – Feeling sassy? Throw on Jessie and The Toy Boy’s (Who just came back from opening Britney’s Femme Fatale tour)  ‘Five O’Clock’. Getting ready to go to a swanky party? Get your sexy on with Kay’s bass-in-yo-face ‘Hot’. Need a little rock in your pop? Throw on ‘Poison’ by Meg Myers – a girl who could be the love child of Kurt Cobain and Fiona Apple. Lastly, want to dance and have fun with the ladies? Anjulie’s upbeat ‘Sex-Ed’ is the way to go.

So, put your “I’m too cool for school” (or in this case, “I’m too cool for pop music”) aside, download these four pop jams for FREE and let ‘er rip. No shame. Just fun.

I’ll see you on the dance floor.

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