I Mailed a Love Letter to Stick Stickly

18 years ago,  a popsicle stick came into my home and into my heart. Stick Stickly was the host of Nick in the Afternoon on Nickelodeon. He was friendly. He was affable. He was always smiling. He was kind of like the Jimmy Fallon of popsicle sticks. Basically, he was this ray of sunshine in my childhood.

The thing that stuck with me the most about Stick Stickly is that every day, he would implore his audience to write letters to him. You may or may not remember the song:

“Write to me,

Stick Stickly,

P.O. Box 963

New York City,

New York State,


So recently, I took it upon myself to finally write to Stick Stickly.  I wrote him a love letter.

Am I actually in love with Stick Stickly? I don’t know.  I accept that I might be in love with the idea of Stick Stickly and not Stick himself. I like tall, skinny, smiley guys who are also really nice and slightly dorky.  Stick is that in a smaller, wooden version. I do believe I have to meet Stick Stickly in order to get a handle on what my actual feelings are about this. And so, I wrote this letter:

So, Stick, if you get this, please give me a shout and maybe we can get a drink sometime. If not, thanks for being a great Nick in the Afternoon host and friend from my childhood.

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