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I Just Joined My Generation

I am an old soul. I appreciate the finer things in life such a knitting, baking, and mothering anything that moves. I have no idea why I am like this, but as a result of this kind of behavior I am frequently labeled a mom everywhere I go. It’s not like i’m toting babies along everywhere, i’m a college student!

The whole mom revelation is alive and well especially in the eyes of my younger sister (who i’m pretty sure refers to me as mom more than our own mother). The mom-calling I have no problem with. The mom-jeans-calling on the other hand, is war.

Though I may not wear Buckle or True Religion, (is that even in style anymore?) I like to think that I am fairly fashionable (direct all opposing thoughts to the ask box).

This changed with my most recent visit to Urban Outfitters.

I had a break in my classes and decided to go get my bangs trimmed. So needless to say, I was feeling trendy. UO is only a block and a half away from the salon, so I set off on foot.

As soon as i’m indoors and perusing the racks and tables, kind hipsters are swarming asking if I need help. Really I don’t, I just want to find something on sale that I can wear to my next social gathering with people my age and not look ridiculous.

I walk by a rack with jeans all in a really dark indigo wash. I’m obsessed with dark jeans. In like the hoarding kind of way. I get frustrated when I wash them and that once midnight blue color fade to just “dark blue” I need to get a new pair. So I picked up my size and went to the dressing room. There’s a hipster chick wearing pants that are too short and a pixie cut, who hangs keys on the door to count how many items I have.

Not quite understanding the trend, I slip on the skinny style super dark jeans and instantly fall in love! They’re stretchy! I feel like I’m wearing leggings! And then it hits me.

I fell in love with a pair of jeggings. I finally joined my generation.

by Michelle Rivas-You can read more from her on her blog.

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  • Stephanie Davidson

    I actually just had this exact same experiance!

  • Jena Evans-Turnbull

    Jeggings are the greatest thing I have ever worn. So comfortable and stretchy. In fact, I am 5 months pregnant, and all I want to wear are jeggings, they are the only thing that do not make me feel like a frumpy bum.

  • Emily Johnson

    HAHAH YES!!! I have never been called mom per say but I’ve always been the person that likes to stay home most nights.. I get self conscious/ nervous when I walk by groups of young teens in the city (yea I admit it! Hooligans!). And I genuinely think kids have gotten a little out of control .. When I first saw the skinny jeans I HATED THEM I thought that they only looked good on rail thin girls and then about six months ago I tried a pair on (a pair I’d bought just to throw on with some knee high boots) and I fell in love. It was ridiculous and instant! I went out and bought a capri, a grey, and black pair… and I’ve never gone back .. (well yet).

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