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I Heart NY

I spent last weekend in New York.  As ever, it was amazing.  I have always thought that New York’s amazingness and appeal were universal, but apparently I am incorrect, as when I told people I was going, their question was always “Why?” and my answer was always “Why not?”  To be fair, they could have been looking for an actual reason I was going, but honestly, I didn’t have one (aside from that my parents were going, which meant I had access to a free hotel room in the city).  I very rarely go to New York for reasons that aren’t eating, shopping and just soaking up its New Yorkiness.  I love it.

While NYC’s appeal is apparently not universal, it is also not something unique to me.  A very large number of shows and movies I love are set in Manhattan, and sometimes I do wonder if I love the city so much because so many fictional characters love it.  And now, a quick rundown of NYC-based shows and movies that I love, and the things they have introduced me to (and my guide on how to get your fix next time you’re in the city).

Sex and the City – Let’s be honest, what didn’t this show teach me?  I was a card-carrying member of the “Everything in life can be related to a SATC episode” Facebook group back in college, when Facebook groups were still a thing people cared about.  In particular, this show introduced me to the wonders of brunch and cupcakes, both of which I indulged in this weekend.  Brunch-wise, I had a most excellent experience at Essex, and while the show extolled the virtue of Magnolia’s cupcakes, my extensive research has revealed the best cupcake in NYC to be at Two Little Red Hens.

Gossip Girl – While I struggle to appreciate the side of New York that this show displays, seeing as I don’t have a trust fund, I have Blair to thank for introducing me to the wonders of macarons.  The pistachio from Dominique Ansel Bakery was pretty fantastic, though I have found those at Macaron Cafe to be delicious as well.  As you know, Gossip Girl also introduced me to the concept of heading out for an evening on your own.  I was thisclose to pulling a true Serena and having a drink at the Palace bar, but decided I wanted dessert as well, and headed to Sweet Revenge for a cupcake and a glass of wine instead.

The Devil Wears Prada – This movie mostly taught me that I have no sense of style, and I have done little to remedy that, given my lack of a suitable style mentor.  I travelled to New York, home of many boutique stores that intimidate me greatly, and did my shopping exclusively at Express, Macy’s and Lord and Taylor.  What can I say, I live large.

2 Broke Girls – I have not always been a fan of Brooklyn, mostly because it always seems really difficult to get to, but this show has reminded me that Brooklyn is a place worth going.  It was surprisingly easy to navigate to the places I went to in order to get cupcakes, as well as to eat one of the best burgers I’ve had in my life.   Because Brooklyn is such a hipster paradise, the food trucks were out in spades, and Wafels and Dinges lived up to the hype and more.

So that’s my trip to New York, summed up in movies, TV shows, and a lot of food.  Sure, the media may have brainwashed me into loving the city, but that doesn’t make it any less fun!  I’m already plotting my next trip.

Image via Amazing New York City