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I Heart Boy Bands

So this week, I saw The Wanted live at the Fuse studios. You know them, right? Their big song right now is ‘Glad You Came’ and they are from England and their names are Jay, Max, Nathan, Siva and Tom. It was pretty cool; it was just me and a million screaming girls. I stood awkwardly against the wall, considering the fact that there were lots of 20-year-old girls bumping into to me. And shoving me. And jumping around me. And I realized something: if you look at boy bands over the years—from Menudo to One Direction—you’ll see that they have a lot in common with each other. Like:  Every fan-girl has her favorite band member; they all are cute; they have great hair.

And it doesn’t stop there:

  1. These bands have boys as members (duh).
  2. They have die-hard fans. (Now, I’m not talking, “Oh I love One Direction.” I mean the girls who push and shove and get in fights over the boys in the actual bands. Like “IF YOU INSULT MA BOY IMMA B.S. YOU AND YOU GONNA DIE” kinda thing.)
  3. They have their somewhat “leaders.” You know, the one that gets the biggest girl-screams. He’s the one everyone can agree is the cutest. He’s also usually the most well-known to morning talk show hosts.
  5. They usually have adorable “bromances.”
  6. Oh, by the way? I am a Directioner.
  7. They all have a band member who goes far after the band ends. (Hi, Justin Timberlake!)
  8. Unless we’re saying that The Beatles are the first boy band, in reality, boy bands rarely play instruments. (Come on, they’re too busy singing into my eyes! Or dancing to me! And only to me!) Unless you are the Beatles.
  9. Speaking of smooth moves, your favorite boy band always has some sort of synchronized dance. They look like they are synchronized swimmers. Seriously.
  10. They will all eventually release Christmas albums.
  11. There are always haters. People who say, “Ew, you like that band?” To that there is only one answer: Yes, yes I do.

Different things between boy bands:

  1. They have different members.

And that’s about it. JK. But, seriously. Not much is different amongst the brotherhood of boy bands. And you know what? I’m good with that. That’s part of the awesomess of tween-dom.

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