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August 20th is Radio Day! While radios are still popular, they have fallen to the side in this modern age. I know that I certainly care more about my iPod than I do about a radio. In fact, just the thought of not having my phone on me makes me anxious.

If I were to tell you that you didn’t have access to things like the Internet, your phone, or your computer, which would you have the most trouble giving up?

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  1. My iPad! I won’t leave the house without it.

  2. Definitely my laptop! I’m a writer so I’m on it almost all day and while I could always go the pen and paper route, it’s so much more convenient (and not to mention efficient) to just type it all out. Plus email is my main way of staying in contact with friends and family from my hometown.

  3. My radio.

  4. My Macbook Pro!

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