"I Am The Cute One" by Mary Kate & AshleyBlaire Bercy

Okay, so this happened sometime in the ’90s and it embodies all that is fantastic about the Olsen twins, fashion and music videos for kids.

Thanks to my fantastic friend GinaE323 for sending this my way!


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  1. Anyone else remember, “Olsen and Olsen Mystery Agency. We’ll solve any crime by dinner time.” I still get chills.

  2. my sister and I still say this to each other every few months. “i am the cute one. You’re just my sister”

  3. I not only had this VHS tape (and wore it OUT), but I also had the “I am the cute one” cassette tape (which I also wore out on my walkman!).

  4. My sister and I reenacted this entire VHS on camera. We didn’t have the luxury of editing software and cross dissolves, though, so we just changed hats every time they changed wardrobe. This entire song is just us trying to keep up with their constant costume changes and a whirlwind of oversized hats.

  5. Okay, I seriously owned and watched this video 8 million times. I only paused the video to switch it out with my “8 Seconds” VHS (Luke Perry as a Cowboy?? What???). Thanks for reminding me of this blast from my past!