Hummingbird Beats: Meagan Judkins

A fashion background led Meagan Judkins to the visual world of marketing. Extensive experience with photoshoots, lookbooks, campaigns and online branding, she has recently taken on the freelance world as a Creative Producer, Wardrobe Stylist and Art Director in music videos/commercials, TV and film.  Freelance equals hummingbird, if you ask this one! Based in LA but bouncing on a daily basis.

What’s in your bag? When you pack for a trip, in your handbag, in the pockets of your jeans…?

Rosebud salve, passport, rose water and gum. I’m a nut about feeling fresh and smelling good.

You have 5 minutes to pack up – a trip for which you’re not sure of the duration. What do you take?

My journal, a toothbrush, sunscreen, sunglasses, jeans, penny loafers, over-sized loosely knitted sweater (I can’t get out of my Wildfox IMAGINE Peace Sign sweater, it makes people smile when you first meet them, a good ice-breaker) and a tank top.

What is your most essential article of clothing?

Everything I own is comfortable to a certain extent.  Rarely to do I suffer for fashion.  Once in awhile I’ll wear a ridiculous pair of heels or extremely tight leather skirt, but only one piece at a time.  Tight leather on bottom equals cashmere on top. 5inch heels are paired with a loose and flowing dress.

What are the top 5 songs you need to have access to hearing at all times?

‘Jolene’ by Dolly Parton

‘My Way’ by Frank Sinatra

‘Only If For A Night’ by Florence and The Machine

‘Night Air’ by Jaime Woon

In The Mood For Love Soundtrack

Anything from Sigur Ros

What is your preferred hummingbird beat/cities you like to frequent?

I can’t go more than 6 months without seeing New York.

What’s something crazy that you did to follow your passion? (Like, did you live out of your car for a month? Drive 10 hours to pick up a certain, weird material you needed?)

When I was 17 I knew that LA was the only place for me.  I packed up my car and drove into the unknown with $500 in my pocket from a side job I had back home. I lived out of my car, worked days and nights, fought heart-pounding loneliness, all to create the life I knew was possible for myself.  Failure was not an option.  Back then I didn’t have specific direction, I was going on a feeling.  I wasn’t sure how my art would express itself, I only knew that I felt something inside that was pushing me forward.  That guttural feeling is still what drives me today.  I am very grateful to it.

What is one tip you have for traveling – a beauty tip, a survival tip, a culinary tip… ?

No matter where you are you are traveling, let go of yourself and what you know.  Allow the culture, food, people and traditions to overcome and inspire you.  If that means sleeping on a dirt floor or eating pig brains, so be it.  Do so with a smile and gratitude.  Always be open-minded.  Life is far more enriching when you can let go and absorb newness around you.

Beauty tip: water, sunscreen and a GOOD attitude. Never underestimate the outside beauty inner peace radiates.

What makes you a good house guest?

I believe in the age old saying, treat people how you want to be treated.  Therefore I am always respectful, tidy and make it a habit to leave a small gift and flowers for my host/hostess.  To be welcome in a person’s home is an honor; I treat it as such.

What’s a recent or favorite meal you had while bouncing around the globe?

In Laos, my best friend and I were served an incredible salted river fish.  It was a warm evening along the Mekong and needless to say, we had seconds.

Where have you had your best night’s sleep?

I slept like a baby on the first night of my month-long stay in India.  It was a hard bed in a hot room, but I was so grateful and thrilled to be there (maybe a little jet-lagged) that I fell asleep instantly and awoke with a sense of great peace and contentment.  I might as well have slept in a cloud above the heavens.

Who would you like to travel with – three people (you guys can caravan together or on separate trips)?

My little brother and I had to travel together a lot as children. My parents divorced and my father moved to Brazil for work.  We had such unique experiences bouncing around South America that really shaped and bonded us. We haven’t traveled like that as adults for various reasons, the main one being health.  I would love to experience New Orleans with him for the first time.  Jazz, bourbon and gumbo.  Take a trek through the back bayous, just me and him.

I would love to travel back to India with a yogi and do a month long stay in various ashrams. One month of scheduled teaching, growing, breaking, failing, building, loving.  It’s always been a dream of mine to have a guru to call me out and keep me in line, if at the very least, a month.

Before I die I want to go off alone.  Experience Ireland, Nepal, Japan, anywhere that is calling me at the time, just get lost and be left to my own devices.