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How to With Laura: How to Salvage a Rainy Day

Rainy days can be the worst. Rainy days past have ruined my plans and, worse, my hair. It’s cold and grey and cute dogs can’t parade freely about towns on their walks. You’re forced to wear close-toed shoes so nobody can see the really cool nail polish you finally bothered to slather on your toes. But it’s not necessarily all bad.

Rainy days can be the best. They’re perfect for staying inside and taking naps and drinking tea. Rainy days mean you can wear your scarves and wooly socks. Rainy days are for bundling in bed, playing Scrabble and watching old movies. And they’re especially for making peanut butter balls, as you learned how to do as a kid from the Care Bears Rainy Day Activities¬†movie.

But rainy days are really the best because you have an excuse to stay inside and make arts and crafts! Like these little hanging treasure boxes. They’ll brighten up any grey day!

Watch this video to learn how to make your own hanging treasure box to turn your rainy morning into an enchanting afternoon:

And what better way to get over the post-Valentine’s Day blues than by making the love last year round by using heart-shaped boxes?

So make one and hang it up – surprise someone you love! You might even surprise yourself with just how crafty you can be.

Photos by Will Greene