How To With Laura, Ep. 10: PUPPY!

I think the greatest thing in the world is a puppy. There is no other creature that can bring so much joy to so many so quickly. Whether they’re sleeping or romping or sitting or standing or falling down or eating – everything is just precious. They bring light to the darkness and smiles to faces. They bring comfort to the saddened and peace to the angered. They bring about maniacal talking in a high-pitched voice. They bring about the birth of strange noises to try and make them do their confused puppy face when they stare at you to figure out what that new sound is.

They are adventurers. They are discovers. They are geniuses. They are Grade A dopes.

They are the music makers and they are the dreamers of dreams.

They are puppies.

And they are the best. Ever. Period.

I have discovered one of the cutest puppies ever to exist. Enjoy the video to enjoy Dusty, the greatest pup around.

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