Mangomini's Illustrated How-Tos

How to Update Your Wardrobe for Winter

Winter 2014 is here, so time for a winter-wardrobe-update. This week’s illustrated how-to captures the latest fashion trends, so you can look super stylish and be warm and comfortable at the same time. Enjoy your winter wardrobe and have a good week!


  • Leighann Blackwood

    Trying to accessorize more this semester! The stacked rings are definitely a must-have :) thanks for the advice!

    • Mangomini

      :) You’re very welcome!

  • Bryanna Nicole Brown

    Where can I get that pink coat from? Is it based off something real? (and possibly affordable?)

    • Mangomini

      This pink coat only exists on paper, sorry! But there are lots of pink coats to shop everywhere right now, that’s why I included it in my winter 2014 trends. Good luck with finding your pink dreamcoat 😉

  • Annalisa Marie

    Does anyone know who makes a wedge bootie with an ankle strap like the one in the illustration?

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