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What’s are your first thoughts when you think of travel? Exotic beaches and relaxation? Or germy airplane companions and getting sick from foreign delicacies? Globe-trotting can be a dream but it can also be a nightmare. It all depends how you deal with the preparations for travel. Whether you’re heading out of town for business or pleasure, you should always be sure to travel smart. Why be stupid when you can be smart? Check out these great tips for making your travels a worry-free and even pleasurable experience!


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  1. I basically discovered this on Google, and I’m thrilled I did. I’ll definately be revisiting right here alot more generally. Desire I could include into the publish and bring a little additional into the table, but am just using in as a good deal info as I can with the instant.

  2. The video is fixed! Check it out :)

    Laura Kadner | 8/26/2011 10:08 am
  3. Nope, me too. Bummer, because I’m going on a trip next week too!

  4. Having the same issue : ( However, love this site!

  5. I’m being told this video is private, and can’t watch it. Is it just me or are others having the same difficulty?

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