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How To Tape Your Boobs And Other Stuff

Hello Gigglers! Prom is just around the corner, Spring (then Summer) weddings are among us and with these lovely events come STRAPLESS DRESSES! Strapless dresses are some of my favorite kinds of dresses. They show off your collarbone and some skin while still being classy and chic. But when wearing a strapless dress, you need to make sure your boobs (breasts, tatas, babies, ladies or whatever you like to call them) stay IN YOUR DRESS! Because, let’s face it, that is one fashion mishap we ALL want to avoid.

In this video from my LookTV style series, How To Tape Your Boobs and Other Stuff, I show you how to tape your boobs into your dress so you can party like a prom queen or wedding pro and not have to worry about your boobs coming out to say hi to the world. I also show you two other ways you can use tape to style your clothes!

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