How to Meet Your Idol And Not Pass Out

Everyone wants to meet their idols, right? That’s sort of a given. Even if you have social anxiety and the thought of meeting your idol makes you want to board up the door to your room and never leave the comfort of your bed ever again, something deep down still wonders what it would be like to meet the ones you look up to. Regardless, there’s no guarantees that any of us wouldn’t puke if the opportunity actually ever presented itself. Well, that’s exactly what happened to me this weekend. I received the news a few weeks ago that I was going to be interviewing one of my comedy idols during New York Comic Con and before I could chicken out, an email confirmation with a set interview time was already sent. I wanted to die. There was no WAY I could successfully interact with my idol and live to tell about it. I began to run through all of the possible scenarios in my head:

  • I am going to puke. I am going to puke onto his shoes.
  • He’s going to be ridiculously cool and nice and I’m going to ruin it by blanking out and forgetting everything that I had prepared to talk about.
  • There is going to be something in my teeth and it’s going to make him uncomfortable.
  • He’s going to go to shake my hand and just end up with a puddle of my sweat instead. And it’s going to make him uncomfortable.
  • I am going to accidentally do something to successfully creep him out.
  • The interview is going to go totally fine except for the fact that I have puke on my shirt.
  • I am going to faint and miss the interview completely.
  • I am going to faint onto his shoes.

I mean, the possibilities of what could possibly go wrong were endless! This was SO not a good idea. Could I back out? As much as I wasn’t looking forward to breaking the fourth-wall with my idol, I knew that it HAD to be done because a) when would I ever get the opportunity to interview someone like him ever again, b) if I didn’t interview him, I would probably regret it forever, and c) it scared the crap out of me, and I believe in doing something that scares you every day.

In order to stop stressing about it, I put the interview out of my head until the day-of. My co-worker and I brainstormed some questions on the train and then reluctantly trudged up to the room where the interview would take place. She was starting to wonder what we had gotten ourselves into too. As we sat there and waited for him to arrive, we both contemplated bolting for the door several times. We sucked it up and held our breath, and before we knew it, the interview was over and it went totally fine! I asked him my questions with full confidence and not a single dyslexic slip-up or spew of verbal diahreah and he was super great about answering everything. I no longer knew what we had been making such a big deal about.

Whether you have a cool job that allows you to interview your idols or not, at some point in your life you might have the opportunity to meet that one person you look up to, and y’know what? You’re probably going to want to puke out of fear too. But y’know what else? That’s TOTALLY normal! In case the opportunity to meet your idols ever happens to you and all you can think about is all of the negative things that could happen, I’ve prepared a list of positives to hopefully outweigh all of the negative:

  • YOU GET TO MEET YOUR IDOL! How cool is that?? Most people could only WISH they were so lucky!
  • It’s good to be scared. Fear motivates us. I know it’s easier to not do things that scare you, but think about how good it feels once you conquer the things that do!
  • I bet your idol will be just as happy to hear about how you’re a fan as you are to be meeting them.
  • Who knows? Maybe things will go so well that you’ll fall in love and get married and live happily ever after! (Hey, you NEVER KNOW!!)
  • You have eternal bragging rights to your friends! (Well, at least until one of them meets someone even cooler)
  • You’re going to regret it forever if you don’t! Regret is probably the worst feeling in the world – even worse than that pit in your stomach, so suck it up and get it over with already!
  • That giddy feeling you get afterwards is a pretty damn good feeling.

So, even if you have to puke 20 times or change your shirt or suck down your inhaler to survive, you should never pass up an opportunity to meet someone who inspires you. It just might change your life.

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