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How To…Sexy Makeover Edition

These days people want everything to be sexy: hair, exercise, even sex. It’s madness. But as a female living in the modern age being sexy is something one simply cannot ignore.  Television and film stars are under constant pressure to look sexy and they have entire teams of people helping them on this journey. Most films aimed at women generally have a sexy makeover sequence, which I will admit is one of my favorite things, but it certainly turns up the heat on us regular gals.

For example, in The Devil Wears Prada Anne Hathaway somehow manages to get a job at a fashion magazine despite looking like a total frumposaurus.

She wears a lumpy sweater and an ill-fitting skirt. How dare she think she can wear any old thing to answer phones and get coffee for her superiors!  How. Dare. She. During her dumpy dressing phase she does horribly at her job, upsetting all around her with her appearance. Then she gets a sexy makeover from Stanley Tucci and everything’s coming up roses, career-wise.  The lesson here is that if you want to move up the corporate ladder, give yourself a sexy makeover.

Straighten that hair. Ditch your pullover sweaters. Start wearing leather boots so tall you don’t even need to wear pants. You can thank me later.

This isn’t just a problem for our time. Take Funny Face. Audrey Hepburn is a simple shopgirl with the sexiness of a sloth until her makeover. Everyone ignores Audrey as a regular Josephine in her dowdy attire. She’s so obviously not already adorable and chic with her frowzy uniform and sensible hairdo. It would clearly take some sort of visionary to see any potential at all in such a scrawny street urchin.

But once some magazine editors and fashion designers get a hold of her – bam! She’s a sexy and glamorous success. She’s a model. She’s a thinker. She’s having it all.

She gets the man of her dreams, an aging Fred Astaire. She gets to meet her idols. She even gets to sing and dance and even though she’s not that great at either of them it doesn’t matter because she’s sexy and adorable. The importance of sexiness cannot be stressed enough.

Therefore I urge you to view the video above and to give yourself a sexy makeover. Take the reins on the horse of life and ride him up the sexy trail until you’ve reached Mount Success. You’ve got nothing to lose but your frump.

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