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How To Relationship Style

Relationships are hard work: you have to catch the man, change the man and then dump the man. People say life has no shortcuts but that is simply not true. I’m here to offer you all sorts of cuts, be they long, short or medium. Once you have the proper tools in your kit, the sky’s the limit on your love life. Why be lonely when you can be the puppet master in your own theatre of relationships? Empower yourself to be the catcher, the changer and the dumper. No longer need you be a damsel in distress. Be a powerful lady and the captain of your ship of destiny.

Watch the video to take your first steps on the path to relationship success.  Enjoy.

  • Haintso Rakouth

    This was too funny. your man didn’t want to break up with you!

  • Geanna Marín

    Oh-my-Tolkien! your man is awesomely cute!!! And I love those “foreign candies” bon-o-bon was it, right? :) I love your haw-to’s, I do them sometimes with a friend -lol haha

  • Tyler Kendall

    Haha. So funny. The body stocking does, indeed, reek of seduction. Is that the music from Beauty and the Beast in the beginning? My daughter has watched it so many times that I know it almost by heart.
    In all seriousness, I do want to share something that’s helped my wife and I out in our marriage – the book “Conversation is Sexy” by Todd Reed. We’ve been trying out some of the tips he mentions, and honestly, it’s a really fun way to liven things up and reconnect after a long day. Thought I’d share!

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