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Hi everyone! It’s Ruby and it’s week 4. Today I’m going to tell you about girls on TV who represent girls badly.


Sam Puckett

WHO SHE IS: She is on iCarly and is the best friend of the lead character, Carly Shay.

PROBLEM: She’s aggressive and not in an assertive way; she’s mean and not in a likeable way. For example, she will say, “Just give me some food.” I thought it was funny at first and I know it’s supposed to be a joke but it goes over the edge after you have seen her be aggressive and stuff.

SOLUTION: I know Carly has told Sam many times that she is a bit too aggressive and then you’ll see Sam ease up. However, in the next episode, you get annoyed because you see aggressive Sam again. Why can’t they make her soften a little and make the changes in her personality stick?

London Tipton

WHO SHE IS: London Tipton is the daughter of a wealthy man on the The Suite Life on Deck.

PROBLEM: I love London in general – she’s kind hearted and funny but her character is portrayed as super vacant and super dumb and really, who’d want to be friends with someone so vapid? Also, not all rich people are stupid. They are very smart, actually. I just wish she could be portrayed as a brighter girl! She is already so sweet and I just cant watch a rich girl play dumb just because it’s funny to show a girl that way.

SOLUTION: In many episodes, she’ll have an a-ha moment where she seems a little less shallow. But then in the next episode, she’s the dumb rich girl again. Keep her getting smarter!


WHO SHE IS: The mean girl is your average popular, really pretty mean girl in a movie or TV show.

PROBLEM: This is not real life. Most of the time, mean girls aren’t the most popular girls in the school. Most of the time, mean girls don’t have a happy ending with you and become nice all of a sudden.

SOLUTION: Make the girls be friends but have them still fight. I love a happy ending but I need a movie I can relate to.

That’s all for now! See you next week!

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  • Jill Mango

    Nice job, Ruby! My daughter and I like reading your column.

  • Elizabeth McDonald

    I like Sam! And the “popular” girls at my school were alllll bitches, but they were self greated popular, no one encouraged thair short skirts and no one actually liked them… Ah society!

    • Marcelle Karp

      i love sam to but i wish that she could be more rounded sometimes!

  • Marcelle Karp

    hey everyone! it is ruby and do you have any suggestions for characters that badly PORTRAY girls or post ideas?

  • Rebecca Lynn

    “Make the girls be friends but have them still fight.” Thank you. Sometimes I wonder why girls can’t just be nice to one another. Now I realize they have no models! Glad I don’t want too much tv.

  • Maria Jose Rojas

    I love the old 90201 but the new one is just too much over the top.It’s always the same story of poor girl seduced by a rich new life and becomes mean to everyone (kind of like Cady on Mean Girls). Also,the dumb blonde is going a bit too far.I have many blonde friends that aren’t dumb at all (some are but most are not) and it’s very offensive…even if brunettes are much better! (hehe,yeah I’m a brunette)

  • Leah Lopez

    I love Sam! Carly annoys me to no end, though hahaha.

    • Marcelle Karp

      i love Sam too but her jokes can go over the edge sometimes!

  • Lauren Byrne

    It’s important to note that these characters are affecting YOUNG girls. If young girls are bombarded by these types of images and characters, it’s important to consider what kind of women they might become. For example, one of the things I’m working on as a person is to be assertive. I feel that the models I had growing up for assertiveness were intrinsically aggressive and I am a person who steps away from nearly all things aggression. Damn, Disney! You ain’t helpin’.

  • Elise Newman

    Hi Ruby – I couldn’t agree with you more but I really can’t help but love London.
    What do you think of Victoria Justice? She seems like a good one.

    • Marcelle Karp

      hi its ruby and i really like loondon too that’s why i want to point out what the writers of the show can do to show her as more well rounded. i mean, the dumb girl thing gets to me and i know not everyone is a brainiac but she could be written so much better. and i like tori vega (that’s the character victoria justice plays), she’s funny and she doesnt go over the edge.

  • Cindy Lozito

    I totally agree with all of this list except for the last one about Mean Girls. I’m pretty sure Mean Girls was supposed to be a comment on our society; “the mean girls” are an exaggerated example of the popular high school girls image and how ridiculous it is. However, I’m certain that a huge amount of girls nationwide watched the movie and didn’t take it this way. There really needs to be more intelligent, quirky girls on TV and in movies (and not masked by a lame portrayal of the so-called importance of sexy, a.k.a. Easy A).

  • Robyn Pennington

    My absolute favorite good girl on tv is Molly C. Quinn on Castle. She’s super smart, she’s super close to her father and her grandmother and she’s good because she chooses to be. And she actually listens to her dad. They have such an amazing relationship and I wish they’d give Molly more air time because her character is absolutely fabulous. I wish they’d have more good girls like this on tv

    • Alissa Lima

      Ah i totaly agree!! I love Castle n Alexis is like the balance between Castle n her grandma, cuse both r kinda crazy n wilde, she suposed to be like those girls from Gossip Girl……i mean, she’s a famous writer ‘s kid who lives in NYC but she’s such a good girl ( its kinda utopian, unrealistic i have to say) at first i didnt like but now i see the importance of her character, Molly Quinn is a great actress 😉

  • Elizabeth Pride

    I really like Sam because I think she is a good example of a teenage female character on TV who isn’t just shopping/boys obsessed. I think the episode where Carly tries to make her “soft” so that Sam can date a boy (and then she ends up saving Carly from a Bully with her supergirlstrength in front of the boy and he likes her anyway) is really great. Carly is a little too boy-crazy for me and a little too clichéd, but I think Sam is hilarious and a great example for girls.

  • Alissa Lima

    HA! Sam n London r hilarious! I love the way they exaggerate w/ Sam. I watch the show basically because of her, she’s the good bad girl hehe. London is nonsense lol just love her. When it comes the the “afecting girls” problem i think their bad attitudes have always something to teach. They r showing diferent kind of personalities but in a wilde way, cuse its for comedy shows. We wouldnt like to watch some boring girls. I think that the good thing u can take out of it is: dont be afraid to be urself, u dont have to be like every1 else.

  • Alexandra Massey

    What about Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place? While I am much more of a goody than her, I admire that she is smart and brave and mischevious even if it gets her in trouble!

  • Precious Obaro

    why are all the popular kids in movies portrayed as mean. out of all the movies and shows I’ve seen only one of them showed a popular crowed not being rude and dumb. it really annoys me because not all popular kids are stupid and like to wear short skirts and flirt with boys.

  • Clara Smith

    I have to say, I’m in high school, and the “popular” girls are all mean. That said, I have more friends than any of them. They’re popular more in the sense of everyone being too afraid of them to tell them differently, and they’re really pretty. It’s sad to see people who are mean being the ones who get all the guys, etc. But it really does happen.

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