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Hi everyone! It’s Ruby and it’s week 4. Today I’m going to tell you about girls on TV who represent girls badly.


Sam Puckett

WHO SHE IS: She is on iCarly and is the best friend of the lead character, Carly Shay.

PROBLEM: She’s aggressive and not in an assertive way; she’s mean and not in a likeable way. For example, she will say, “Just give me some food.” I thought it was funny at first and I know it’s supposed to be a joke but it goes over the edge after you have seen her be aggressive and stuff.

SOLUTION: I know Carly has told Sam many times that she is a bit too aggressive and then you’ll see Sam ease up. However, in the next episode, you get annoyed because you see aggressive Sam again. Why can’t they make her soften a little and make the changes in her personality stick?

London Tipton

WHO SHE IS: London Tipton is the daughter of a wealthy man on the The Suite Life on Deck.

PROBLEM: I love London in general – she’s kind hearted and funny but her character is portrayed as super vacant and super dumb and really, who’d want to be friends with someone so vapid? Also, not all rich people are stupid. They are very smart, actually. I just wish she could be portrayed as a brighter girl! She is already so sweet and I just cant watch a rich girl play dumb just because it’s funny to show a girl that way.

SOLUTION: In many episodes, she’ll have an a-ha moment where she seems a little less shallow. But then in the next episode, she’s the dumb rich girl again. Keep her getting smarter!


WHO SHE IS: The mean girl is your average popular, really pretty mean girl in a movie or TV show.

PROBLEM: This is not real life. Most of the time, mean girls aren’t the most popular girls in the school. Most of the time, mean girls don’t have a happy ending with you and become nice all of a sudden.

SOLUTION: Make the girls be friends but have them still fight. I love a happy ending but I need a movie I can relate to.

That’s all for now! See you next week!

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