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I’m a lipstick gal for sure, but there was a time I would run screaming from it, especially a bold color like red. I was worried about getting it on my teeth, on my clothes and everywhere in between. I didn’t think red would look good on me or that I could pull it off. Then one day I realized that was just my insecure mind feeding me a bunch of poo poo and decided to go for it. I learned a few tricks on the best ways to apply red lips so that it wouldn’t smudge and actually stay on all day. Lipstick quickly became my thing. I started wearing color all the time and now I feel naked without it. Red, Orange, Pink = Yes, Yes, Yes!

In this “How To” video I share my simple tips with you.

Enjoy and put on those lips, girl!


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  1. What color lipliner did you use?

  2. What brand of lip moisturizer are you using in your video?

  3. when you say “lip moisturizer” can i just use my chapstick or do i have to get fancy up in here?

    • hi kaitlyn! i think chapstick may be too dry but you can use vaseline! xo :)

      Grasie Mercedes | 1/12/2012 08:01 am
  4. Hmmm, I can’t load the video either :\. BTW, how great is this blogger’s Retro Glam Lips how-to, tres Joan Holloway/Mad Men!

  5. I dislike that word soooo much!

  6. We should be pals

  7. love!

  8. i love the finger tip! never thought of it!

  9. Favorite part “I don’t like the word moist very much…”

  10. Same. Says, “The uploader has not made this video available.”

  11. me neither!

  12. not

  13. the video is no available :/

  14. I can’t watch the video… :(

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