How To (Or Not?) Take a Good Facebook Profile Pic with Erin FosterLook TV

One of Erin's not-so-memorable Facebook photos

Private planes. Bikini shots. Puckering up. Seriously, people?! With so many social media profiles to pull pictures for, the task to portray oneself with cuteness, intrigue, and wit can be daunting. Luckily, Erin Foster and Hello Giggles are here with key advice on how to select the perfect Facebook profile picture, a tutorial complete with embarrassing pictures of herself.

Watch the latest episode of How To (Or Not?) on Look TV and tell us—what are your Facebook do’s and don’ts?

  • Angelica Perez

    Wow, never seen this, and I did it right! lol…i’m lame. But aloof cafe pic always works. ;)

  • Tabitha Lynn Conley

    This is my profile picture of my prom date and me. It is a little cropped, but it’s the best i have right now.

  • Amy Quinlan Swanson

    <— this is me….just smiling. No story, just my face! Thanks for looking at me :)

  • Kim Jefferson

    I think photos of cars, like actual cars, are just not ok. Ditto the over emotional embrace with your boyf/girlf. I don’t need that on my news feed!

  • Paola Santiago

    <— My profile pic is one that my parent's took of me during my college graduation, holding up my cap. I had glued glitter letters on the top which said "Graduating for Susy & Edgar." (Susy and Edgar are my siblings, who both have severe disabilities)

  • Veronica Garcia

    <—–this is my facebook pic. It's a image of fluorescent fungi that I took under the microscope in my lab.

  • Britt Bulens

    The private plane one was so hilarious and completely not at all relatable for anyone watching this!

  • Erin Long

    The awkward crop is the worst! I understand the temptation but that one always kills me.

    • Look TV

      Seriously. It’s like, “Just stop, people!”

  • Jordi Blythe

    I like that club photo. No one else is dancing which makes you look even cooler. Truth.

    • Ashley Marie Kirk

      Agreed, she looks fun!

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