How To (Or Not?) Ask a Guy Out on a Date with Erin Foster

Erin Foster for Look TV

Continuing her entertaining series for Look TV, Erin Foster’s latest episode tackles how to (or not?) ask a guy out on a date. This is the foolproof way to win him over, ladies! While Erin clearly has her point of view, it definitely stirs the pot for that age-old debate: should girls ask guys out on date?

We wonder what Jon Hamm would say…

  • Hillary Ashton Ross

    I live in Vancouver and I notice, from experience (so sad that I was a desperate loser once upon a time) but CHIVALRY is so dead! Or it is quite rare. Girls ask guys out all the time in Canada, and guys are so shy! It’s way too easy for guys these days, all they have to do is dress like Springstein, be in a band or have really beautiful hair and it’s like girls are magnetized to them, luckily I have matured past this stage(phewf)! More guys need to learn to be MEN, or we girls have to start treating them like men and leave the manly task of old fashioned courtship up to them! Let them be the hunter and us be the gentle fawn. I think all boys should read this blog I wish there was a version of this blog for girls but alas I haven’t found one yet so I am finding Erin’s truthful and hilarious tips to be quite enlightening. 😉 Thank-you and keep em comin’

  • Hillary Ashton Ross

    oopsie daisies, wrong link… this one works! share with your man! it’s interesting for girls to read as well, so enjoy ladies!

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