So…as the story goes…

When I divorced and moved into my new condo earlier this year, I was determined to stay single and live more simply. Gone are the 3-story, 6000 square foot homes, and all this shit inside that I really could live without.

For years, I was waiting to exhale and –– I finally did!

And life became way more simple. I felt free and happy for the first time in years. I didn’t have to share my quaint space with anyone and I kept my personal life outside.

My place became just my place.

Then, in a whirlwind, I remarried and my new husband has moved in. Sure, there is plenty of space for the both of us, but not plenty of closet. So, we started rebuilding with things we found at IKEA and The Home Depot.

It took us a few days and I love the end result! Especially the shoes in the matching, black shoe boxes on their own shelves in the wall.

Those boxes are of the SKUBB Series, as are the black under-the-bed boxes we used to store our summer things, now that fall is underway and winter is near.

The hanging clothes organizers are of the MALLA Series.

All the shelving is of the PAX Series and are the only shelves at IKEA made to complement the SKUBB shoe boxes. The shoe box shelves are attached with bracket rails and coordinating brackets. The other shelves are supported by heavy duty shelf and wall support brackets from The Home Depot.

We also bought a decorative wooden pole (curtain rod) from there and attached finials from our local Bed Bath and Beyond, to finish off the look. We still had plenty of lower wall space and,so, we added wall storage from IKEA’s TRONES series. These were meant to be shoe cabinets, but we plan to use them for other things.

So, there you have it! We turned our tiny little closet into a more functional his and hers closet!

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